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People Who Have Tried Our Handmade Soaps For The First Time Have Discovered How Different it is From Commercial Store Bought Soap .

 Over 1.k  5 star reviews from our shop Natural Handcrafted Soap since 2008


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Santa Lucia Murari Borba was a farmer's daughter from Murari's Borba, born in Italy 1904, who pioneered the natural handcrafted soap industry with essential oils in Brazil

Citrus Orange Soap Bar -7 oz - Faye- New York wrote:

adore the scents of the citruses soap bars, this one is actually my favorite! The citrus tangerine lime scent makes it smell really fresh and clean. .
Citrus Soap
Autumn Fall October Soap!-Feye from New York wrote:

This Oatmeal Shea Butter bar smells absolutely delicious, and the oils and butter make it perfect for fall/winter. Plus, the oatmeal acts a natural exfoliant. Natural Soap Oatmeal - Shea Butter Soap
Oatmeal - Shea Butter Soap
Fall in love with this autumn natural soap - Autumn wrote:

Fall in love with this autumn natural soap Autumn brings fresh,natural fragrance that inspired another natural soap. Thanks from It's Always Autumn
Brazilian Coffee Scrub Soap
Brazilian Espresso Coffee Scrub
Coffee Luxury Scrub Soap
Handcrafted soaps - Carl wrote:

5 out of 5 stars This is a great product! Has done wonders for clearing my face! Quick delivery of item! Many Thanks!
Mother and Baby Gift Set -Serena wrote:

The Mother and Baby Gift Set allows you to give the gift of natural skin care to mothers and their precious little ones so true!
Goat's milk Soap -By Snisesmiles wrote:

So far this is the best goat milk soap I have used

Goat's Milk Soap

This is a great product!- Carlos wrote:

Has done wonders for clearing my face! Quick delivery of item! Many Thanks!
Love the scent-By Carlos H. Davila Jr. wrote:

Love the scent and it makes my face feel fresh! Will defiantly order again in the future! By Carlos H. Davila Jr.on September , 2017
Tea tree soap .
Beauty Products That Seem Super Luxurious- Anna Maria wrote:

Beauty Products That Seem Super Luxurious Large Limited Edition Aged Bar
Provence Lavender-Rose Soap
Skin soft the quality are amazing. Nathalla N. wrote:

Sea Kelp is my favorite soap! The color is great, it feels lightweight and smooth, and it makes my skin feel soft .
Sea Kelp Varech Soap
Natural soaps- Fatima wrote:

Love that 3 soaps Brazilian oil dead sea mud and lemongrass.
Laura wrote:

Palm Coconut soap - Thanks for the great bar
Lovely bar infused with roses petals -Emily from Florida wrote:

Lovely bar infused with roses petals,Great bar with lavender rose and Shea Butter..
Provence Lavender-Rose Soap
Olive oil soap - Good wrote:

Great olive oil soap - I will buy this item again
Handmade All Natural Soap For Face - Debra wrote:

Exceptional every time.
Natural soap Experience the Freshness Gentle Bar -Tom wrote:

Natural Soap Oatmeal - Shea Butter Soap
Oatmeal - Shea Butter Soap
Great feeling - Good smells -By RobM on July , 2017 wrote:

Feels great, smells better.
Greek Olive Oil Soap with Mediterranean Sea Salt Natural Artisan -SUMMER wrote:

Greek Olive Oil Soap with Mediterranean Sea Salt Natural Artisan 7.5 Oz Truly Amazing - fast shipping
Greek Olive Oil Soap with Mediterranean Sea Salt Natural Artisan
Jasmine Rose soap - Rosean wrote:

With 100% natural ingredients enriched with Shea butter and jasmine light scent , I use this bar soap daily , its a luxurious experience.

Jasmine Rose Soap

Kona Natural Soap HAWAIIAN wrote:

Kona coffee natural soap Highly recommend

Kona Coffee natural soap

Handmade soap gift basket -Brigitte wrote:

A beautiful handmade soap organic gift- Organic Five Piece {Handmade Soap Gift Basket}
Grapefruit soap - July wrote:

I have used nothing but citrus soaps for the past of year. Grapefruit soap is creamy and luxurious and long-lasting.
Citrus Soap

Handcrafted Natural Soap -By Jennifer Briskey on July 1, 2017. wrote:

My husband loves the soap! Excellent service. This is not the first time I have bought from them & it will not be the last.
Olive Oil Soap - Olive wrote:

benefits the skin by removing excess dirt and oil from the pores
This was the soap of my dreams- Goo Girl wrote:

Dead Sea Mud Soap with Dead Sea Salt (Unscented) Israel Dead Sea Mineral Black Mud Soap All Natural I tried every product under the sun to help my dry, flaky skin around my eyebrows and cheeks.The first day I tried it, my face felt a little dry and I thought, "I don't think this is going to work!" So, for the first few days I only washed with it once daily. After a few days - with no flakiness, I tried washing my face twice daily .. No dryness and no flakes! .
Dead Sea Mud -Sea Salt
can truly see the dedication, and work that went into its crafting. wrote:

This was a great product, it left my hands absolutely silky smooth, I have very sensitive skin, and usually have to apply oil after washing extensively, but surprising not with this. It felt wonderful on my irritated spots,This is great, as I work with my hands very avidly. On top of all of that, it looks beautiful, you can truly see the dedication, and work that went into its crafting. This is just the kind of thing I was hoping for! Blessed be!
Volcanic ash soap - June wrote:

What memories of the 60s-70s but not Patchouli overpower , just right , I use it as body and face soap Great bar - fast shipping
Volcanic Ash
Face hand and body soaps - Milla wrote:

Great soaps for all body .
Oatmeal soap - Handmade soap - Brandy wrote:

"It smells great, has a nice lather, rinses clean and quickly and doesn't dry out my face.
Handmade Soap -Goia G. wrote:

I'm from the time when soap was made out of goat's milk tallow, wood ashes and salt -- we've come a long way I'm on my 80's and love Handmade soap -

Goat's Coconut Milk Soap

Sensitive Skin Unscented Hypo-Allergenic Beauty.- JOoephine. wrote:

Sensitive Skin Unscented Hypo-Allergenic Beauty Greek Olive Oil Soap
Natural organic soap - Regina wrote:

Great soaps found it on Google plus and get one for test on my acne skin , works for me I recommend the olive oil soap and all Castile too Olive oil soap
Coffee Soap -Meghan wrote:

Great coffee scrub bar - thanks !
Brazilian Coffee Scrub Soap
Bought for Mother's Day- Austin wrote:

My mom says it's great. Specifically, it's not super strong and it's very rejuvenating. I tried it on my hand and smelled it and it was very pleasant.
Natural Ingredients wrote:

Love the soap, it felt really soothing on the skin; it left my skin feeling soft and subtle, lol, you could just kiss it, and the smell (from natural ingredients) was very pleasant, absent of any overwhelming fragrance. The only problem with the product is the cost, a bit expensive for a bar of soap.
Olive Oil Soap - SZQ wrote:

Crepe in skin going away. Lasts a long tine.
Olive oil soap
A+ Great soap - TW wrote:

A+ Great soap. Shipped quickly .Like the lavender. Lavender-- Dead Sea Mud
Handmade Soap - Coco wrote:

I am a returning customer and have always been happy with their service and product.
Goo-Chemical Free Handmade soap wrote:

5 out of 5 stars this soap is amazing large bar, moisturizing, lasts a long time. let dry between using. runs more than store bought soap, but you get a high quality and chemical free soap. worth it to me!!!
Gift Handmade Soap Basket for Mothers Day- Nancy wrote:

Gift for mothers day , fast shipping , beautiful soaps .
Mothers Day Gift Set

Handmade soap coffee scrub -Mercy wrote:

Coffee soap scrub a great scent and good body soap .
Handmade Soap Gift -Salma wrote:

Handmade Natural beautiful gift soap basket to my Mother. Thanks , fast Gift Basket Soap
Beer Soap -Guinness Lover wrote:

Just love this soap Guinness Stout beer
Long lasting bar Sarah, from Connecticut. wrote:

Natural Soap, moisturizing and Lots of cream lather. Smells great Relaxing
Rainforest Copaiba
Handmade - Natural Cold Process- Arabella wrote:

Bathing has never before been such an indulgent and pleasant experience! Natural Handcrafted Soap gentle cold process handmade . Annabelle FL Coffee Luxury Scrub Soap .
Sea Kelp Varech Soap Lavender-- Dead Sea Mud
Dead Sea Mud - Anise-Bay Laurel
Health Benefits-Clea wrote:

I know that Goat's and Coconut milk bar benefits go above and beyond what most people may realize.
Handmade Soap - Angel wrote:

When it comes to soap, they make the most beauty soaps we've ever seen
Dead Sea Mud Soap-ByJoseph C Pepe wrote:

This soap is amazing and worth it. Great and consistent product.
Dead Sea Mud -Sea Salt
Happy Happy - Joy wrote:

Gorgeous moisturizer, refreshing citrus orange tangerine soap bar.
Citrus Soap
When you try handmade soaps, you'll never go back to commercial products again!" PATRICK wrote:

When you try handmade soaps, you'll never go back to commercial products again!" " When I search for "vintage handmade soaps" on the initial search results show up for "natural handmade soap I never knew how good goat milk soap and cream could be until I bought from this company! Patrick, March 2017. .."
Ryan wrote:

It smells good. It cleans out my back ance problem
garfieldpink65 on February 21, 2017. wrote:

They always send quickly and wrapped nicely with note
A Rogers on February 23, 2017. wrote:

Very pleased
I just can't get enough -By Joseph C Pepe on February 12, 2017. wrote:

I don't know what it is but these soaps are really great. Whether it's the ingredients or the smaller batch processes, I just can't get enough of the soap products from Natural Handcrafted Soap Co. It's worth trying one to see how you like it.
Lovely Product - Jasmine wrote:

The soap is so fragrant I use in my closet and drawers, a lovely product.
Handmade Soap -Joanne wrote:

all natural handmade soaps, goat milk soap,coffee soap .. fast shipping perfect ..

Goat's Milk Soap
Brazilian Coffee Scrub Soap

Olive Oil Soap Aged - Michelle wrote:

Aged Greek Olive Oil Handmade Soap great and beautiful soap -Olive Oil Soap: Ancient and Surprisingly Modern
Naty wrote:

Great soap Golden Blossom Honey !
Glory wrote:

5 star handmade soaps - fast shipping
Mary wrote:

Love it

Gift - Betsy on January 9, 2017. wrote:

Gave these soaps as a gift so was unable to have personal use of them. Their appearance is lovely -- they were very appreciated by the recipient who seeks all things natural and handcrafted. I would have preferred for the scent to be a little deeper. What could be more lovely than "Lavender Jasmine"!!! but the aroma was not that strong. Otherwise -- lovely.
Love - Michelle wrote:

Love By michelle on January 9, 2017.
Love Cold Process Soap - Mariah wrote:

I would recommend trying a few different soaps from this company their using the cold process method. When you get your soap, you should be enjoying a rich, sudsy lather that infuses your whole bathroom with its fragrance as you shower, and leaves your skin soft, smooth, gently scented, and free of residue or soap film. My personal favorites are olive oil based lemon and lavender scented soaps!
Olive oil soap
Pam from Chicago wrote:

I am very sensitive to smell, so I appreciate a fragrant soap, and this soap maker was describing how nice her natural soaps smelled. I decided to order. Since then, I have never used commercial soap again! Yes, handmade soaps will cost you more than the store-bought stuff. But, to me, it is well worth the extra money to have a product that is all natural, eco-friendly, good for my skin, and full of rich lather and intoxicating fragrance... especially a product that I use every day!
Provence Lavender-Rose Soap
Heavy acne - Vanessa wrote:

if you have heavy acne or regularly break out, Copaiba or Tea Tree bars I don't really break out much anymore--just a stray oil bump every once in a while that works for my skin--and this worked well in preventing future breakouts without causing skin irritation!I recommend.

Rainforest Copaiba

Beer Soap -Gabby wrote:

wonderful gag gift
Beer Soap - Guinness Extra Stout
Almond Soap - Winter Claus wrote:

Great bar for dry skin
A Sweet Solution For The Whole Holiday Season.- Joan wrote:

Orange tangerine soap is a gift to the holidays for my friends the color that is especially nice for the most festive time of year. Thanks
Citrus Soap
Lavender Rose -JULIA wrote:

Lavender and rose oil soap , great fast shipping long last bar
Provence Lavender-Rose Soap
Oatmeal Soap - Mary Abigail wrote:

Excellent Seller,great product and Super Fast Shipping! A++++
Oatmeal - Shea Butter Soap
Handmade Luxury Soap -Sara Esther wrote:

Thanks I love your handmade soaps , Highly recommended. Product as described---quick shipping---good seller!! excellent experience;
Brazilian Coffee Scrub Soap
Brazilian Espresso Coffee Scrub
Coffee Luxury Scrub Soap
Goat's milk soap - Samuel wrote:

Acne-treating , anti-aging soap Goat milk soap is good for people with dry or sensitive skin

Goat's Milk Soap

and they are amazing, they leave my skin so incredibly soft and .- By William Simcock Jr wrote:

I have used goat milk bars of soap, and they are amazing, they leave my skin so incredibly soft and moisturized. It is such a wonderful soothing soap, I suggest anyone who suffers from dry or sensitive skin to use this, or any other brand of goat milk soap!

Goat's Milk Soap

Geranium Soap for Dry Skin -Brooklyn wrote:

Geranium Soap smells wonderful and is perfect for dry skin.Geranium bar is a perfect bar soap for my for my dry and mature skin type.
Geranium Soap

Benefits of Using Handmade Soap -Amanda wrote:

Reviewer: Amanda Natural soap are always good to use. Because it does not contain any harmful things in it. I always is amazed by the difference this bar of soap can make on my skin . Thank you .
Oatmeal - Shea Butter Soap
Artisan Natural- Matthew wrote:

Copaiba soap Handmade Natural Artisan Natural I will definitely use this Product again and recommend it to all friends out there!
Lisa Jones wrote:

All great with Free Shipping here in NC
Natural Handmade Bar wrote:

Recently, I have started to experiment a natural skin care products, especially handmade soaps 100% natural handmade soaps. I come across natural handcrafted soap that makes 100% safe soaps; no harmful and unnecessary chemicals are used and the soaps are beautiful.
Janina wrote:

It made my first time experience with the natural soap lemongrass and geranium was awesome! Got my mom the Beer Soap! Lol. Can't wait to try the new one.
Vacaville, CA

All Natural Handmade Soap-Gabby wrote:

Beer soap wonderful gag gift for a friend
Beer Soap - Guinness Extra Stout

Stiff Bull Coffee wrote:

Stiff Bull Coffee is a Viagra Coffee for those coffee lover .. But I prefer take a shower with this pick-me-up coffee soap all natural in the morning
Brazilian Espresso Coffee Scrub
Dead Sea Mud Soap - Israel wrote:

works perfectly cant stay without it
Dead Sea Mud - Anise-Bay Laurel
Cassia wrote:

that really shows off natural handcrafted soap owners = skill of their soaps ingredients."
Dead Sea Mud - Anise-Bay Laurel
Dead Sea Mud -Sea Salt
September 8 -2016 - From SANTA MONICA, Calif.

Traditional Soap, Made Modern -Nancy MacDonald wrote:

Natural soap sculptural looking ,absence of synthetic preservatives, the bars produce a foamy creamy lather without stripping the skin.
Limited Edition Olive Oil Soap
The soap is a great gift. I was surprised -Tereza wrote:

Gift Basket from Natural handcrafted soap
Natural gift basket with 5 Soaps

Coffee for Health -Lindsay wrote:

Caffeine might also function as a pain reliever , that is why I just buy coffee soaps. Thanks for the fast shipping here in Australia. Coffee Soaps are real good !
Brazilian Coffee Scrub Soap
Brazilian Espresso Coffee Scrub
Coffee Luxury Scrub Soap
Soft skin and I use it on my kiddo. Wanda- wrote:

I love this goats-coconut milk soap. I already have another one ordered. I am so happy to have a great soap that smells amazing and that I feel comfortable using on me and my kiddo.
- Citrus Soap -Charlotte wrote:

I literally never write reviews for products I buy online. This is the first time. Not only does the soap smell good, but it produces the softest, finest lather that I've ever experienced. Thank you so much .
Citrus Soap
Summer wrote:

Beer Soap Is Fun For Any Beer Lover plus is a good bar for the summer months. .
Beer Soap - Guinness Extra Stout
J.K. wrote:

Natural Bar of peppermint and tea tree soaps are perfect for my skin this summer. .
Tea tree soap .
- Beer Soap-Amanda Gibson from Phoenix, AZ wrote:

I love beer soap from natural handcrafted soap I just ordered this product again. .
Beer Soap - Guinness Extra Stout
Summer from Richfield, Ohio. wrote:

100% natural beauty bar of lavender that are both healthful to the skin and beneficial to the spirit.
Provence Lavender-Rose Soap
Coffee Soap -Angela from Perkasie, Pennsylvania wrote:

love this product luxurious and never-ending. This soap will not leave my skin feeling dry. Coffee Luxury Scrub Soap
Florida Citrus Soap - Buyer By KH on July 24 wrote:

Can't live without this product! Well, I suppose I could, but I would really rather not! I have sensitive skin to many products but not to this bar. I order a couple at a time because I never want to run out!
Citrus Soap
Beverly -4.0 out of 5 starsHandmade Soap wrote:

Like the soap I just wish the Patchouli smell was a little stronger
Amazing scent -Coffee Scrub Soap wrote:

This soap does smell really, really good. As far as being a good scrub, I think it's very well formulated and not too rough on the skin. The price is a bit steep, so I would recommend keeping it out of the shower when not in use. This way, your bar doesn't melt away too quickly.
Brazilian Coffee Scrub Soap Thanks Charlotte.
Goat's milk for kids, - Oliva wrote:

Goat's milk Golden Blossom -Great goat's milk for kids with sensitive skin Thanks - Oliva

Goat's Milk Soap 5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars, Jul.12.2016

Tommy wrote:

Olive oil soap bar great for all body - Natural Handcrafted Soap
Olive oil soap
Cassie wrote:

Soap Bar, Lemongrass for acne prone skin, it works great!

Lemongrass Soap

Lisa Wolf wrote:

I bought Lots of Coconut soaps .. Love all Castile coconut Palm Coconut Goat's milk with Coconut Bars Jasmine coconut soap

Jasmine. wrote:

Lovely scent and colors, fast shipping , thanks
Lavender Jasmine Soap
Jasmine Lilac Soap
Jasmine Grandiflorum
Jonas. wrote:

Love the goat's milk soaps - fast shipping and moisturize...

Goat's Milk Soap

Glory wrote:

4 Handmade Natural Soap Bar Gift Great soap buy it again!
Love Butter and Goat's milk Soap wrote:

bought it a long time ago, but recently started using it. Feels great on my face, and there is a nice milk smell to it. but it is a huge piece, much bigger than I expected, will last me forever! definitely recommend!Deb.
M. Schuchman wrote:

I love this soap. It is creamy and smells good. I use it from head to toe. My hair comes out so clean and soft. I have fine hair and this soap gives it volume. My skin is soft & NO itch.
Thank you Natural Handcrafted Soap
Olive oil soap

May wrote:

Thanks .. My mom love her gift-Organic Five Piece {Handmade Soap Gift Basket}
Cristy wrote:

Artisan Body Soap Almond Hazelnut This soap produces an amazing lather - will leave you feeling squeaky clean .
Sergio Review--Amazing- Beer Soap wrote:

Great Gift - Fast Shipping
Beer Soap - Guinness Extra Stout
claus wrote:

You are amazing and hey my friend got some of your soap a little while ago and it really helped out a lot with his rash he would have on his arms! He wanted me to thank you for the soap!
-Gift Box Soap Have a great day and thank you again!
My mom is gonna love it!

Greg wrote:

Excellent product - I liked coffee and beer bar- Nourishing and the combination can't be beat for me.
Beer Soap - Guinness Extra Stout Coffee Luxury Scrub Soap
Nadia wrote:

This creamy bar wash gently cleanses and works to hydrate and soothe dry skin, leaving skin softer and smoother all day long.
itðxܬ wrote:

Awesome soap! This is truly a pure Organic Goat milk soap. Extremely mild- Love itðxܬ Thank you!

Goat's Milk Soap

Snisesmiles wrote:

What a wonderful product! MARCH 27th 2016
Marianne wrote:

If wet for long time, it will melt. I just turn my soap to always rest in the dryer side. It is a great product! Marianne March 27th 2016
Snisesmiles wrote:

This is one of the best soaps that I have ever used. I will be buying this again. Mar 27th 2016
Kisha M. wrote:

I like Oatmeal soap with Shea butter quite effective for clearing up skin.
Oatmeal - Shea Butter Soap
Monday, March 21 ,2016
McGraths wrote:

Natural soap with Kelp removes makeup, purifies the skin and tones to boot..
Sea Kelp Varech Soap
Undo wrote:

Coffee Scrub Soap exfoliates once a week with this bar hand and foot ...
Brazilian Coffee Scrub Soap
Sonia Deasy wrote:

Goats milk soap for moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients because I use over the face and body.
Jackie-SC. wrote:

The pH of goat milk soaps is closer to skin's pH it is healthier for my skin than other soaps.-Jackie-SC.
Rebecca's WA wrote:

Beautiful light scent, amazing moisture, awesome bar of soap! Rebe'cca -WA.
Jasmine Grandiflorum
MM wrote:

Great beer soap classic shaving and lathering up with a quality- "Reviewer: -MM - Florida.
Mercie wrote:

When it comes to finding the right soap I look for the natural ingredients . Thanks!
Jessica wrote:

There are wonderful strategies that building and supporting collagen in the skin one of then is Beer Soap.
Cruz wrote:

Good soap , good scent , fast shipping
Arthur from California wrote:

Favorite bar -Beer Soap ,after a long day, Dad just wants a beer and a beer soap bar :)"
Beer Soap - Guinness Extra Stout
Snisesmiles wrote:

This is one of the best soaps that I have ever used. I will be buying this again. Snisesmiles on February 12, 2016 Coffee Luxury Scrub Soap
Diann wrote:

Who'd have thought beer soap would smell so good and feel so clean?! Diann on February 12, 2016. "
Beer Soap - Guinness Extra Stout
Jewels wrote:

haven't use yet By Jewels on January 20, 2016.
Mary wrote:

Love the pure ingredients in the soaps from Natural Handcrafted Soap Co.
By Larryon February ,2016 wrote:

Product as expected.
Texas wrote:

Great bar - fast shipping
Volcanic Ash

I'm Go on to pamper myself today with coffee soap :)Coffee Luxury Scrub Soap
Discovery Adan wrote:

Lavender Shea Butter Soap is a moisturizing bar treat for my skin .Love <3

Provence Lavender-Rose Soap

Lov it 1 day ago by barbara sytek wrote:

Lov this stuff. expensive but can't help myself makes ure skin soft
- Patty from Iowa wrote:

Luxury beauty products
I use the Lemongrass & Tea tree handmade soaps on my face and the Dead Sea Mud soap on my body ,moisturizes and tones while gently cleansing the skin.

Graham, Jr wrote:

Handmade Soap Forever!
I am a first time customer of Natural Handcrafted Soap and I will be a customer for life. I bought a variety of different bars of the soaps and I will never go back to a bar of soap at the grocery store again. "Reviewer: -Graham, Jr. from North Carolina.Coffee Luxury Scrub Soap .
Sea Kelp Varech Soap Lavender-- Dead Sea Mud
Dead Sea Mud - Anise-Bay Laurel

Adele wrote:

" This is the perfect soap for acne " "This bar absorbs excess oil and removes dead skin cells, dirt and toxins to reveal fresh, soft skin".- Reviewer: Adele from London, England.
Dead Sea Mud - Anise-Bay Laurel
Marissa Kurtzeron January 11, 2016 wrote:

This is the best, most gentle soap I've ever used This is the best, most gentle soap I've ever used. It's very calming on my sensitive "problem" skin. I will never go back to those harsh body washes that claim to be for "sensitive skin" again! :)-

Goat's Milk Soap

Stuart E Chad wrote:

Best Products I've ever bought for my skin in the line of soaps.
C. May wrote:

"GREAT soap!" C. May, September 29, 2015
ADEBISI wrote:

"Good soap" ADEBISI , September 25, 2015
Wilma Charleston wrote:

Real like
I real like the goat milk soap it makes my skin feel silky soft and clean. Published by Wilma Charleston -

Goat's Milk Soap

Nicholas S. wrote:

perfect buy, September 30, 2015 Sea Kelp Varech with Organic Cocoa Butter Excellent Facial (*Unscented Soap)
Sea Kelp Varech Soap
Nicholas S. wrote:

Perfect buy - Very Nice -Dead Sea Mud Soap- Shea Butter Excellent (Face and Body Soap) Licorice Scented Bar
Dead Sea Mud - Anise-Bay Laurel
Nicholas S. wrote:

Perfect buy Goat's Milk Soap Bar All Natural Farm Fresh Milk Published by Nicholas S. -

Goat's Milk Soap

Nicholas S.on September 30, 2015 wrote:

Perfect buy -Brazilian Espresso Scrub Soap with Coffee Butter and Vanilla
Brazilian Espresso Coffee Scrub
By John W, September 25 wrote:

Very fast delivery , good service and good scent.
Stephanie Renelique wrote:

I loved using this soap, I cut it half since it is a big one, last me quite sometime.

Goat's Milk Soap with Golden Blossom

Connie, September 6, 2015 wrote:

"My goats coconut milk soap arrived sooner than i expected, i love the soap and its a larger bar than i thought so i shared it with a friend and my brother,they called me the next day and ask were i got it..." -

Goat's Coconut Milk Soap

Julia wrote:

Was wrapped well and smells nice, also feels nice on my skin
Olive oil soap
Holy wrote:

Love thanks 5 star
Cafe au Lait French Soap
Mamba69 wrote:

Verified Purchase-- I love the smell of this soap-. The service was great, no complaints.
Olive oil soap
james P graham Review Sea kelp Soap wrote:

More than bubbles. My wife liked it.
Sea Kelp Varech Soap
Rob wrote:

5 star great soap
Monica wrote:

"I like this soap though for some reason it's not really sudsy BUT it does give your skin a sorta slick feel when you're washing with it. It is unscented as advertised. I've been using it for a week and my dry eczema patches which are on my back have slowly been disappearing which leads me to believe it's working. It's nice on the hair too." M. ,July 29, 2015
Marie Gwizdalaon July 20, 2015 wrote:

Love,love,love With the disease of scleroderma I found it very soothing.
Jasmine Lilac Soap
Vernon Leister wrote:

5 star good soap -

Goat's Milk Soap

ByMHon July 20, 2015 wrote:

Worth It!Verified Purchase I bought 2 bars and just started using it. I will be giving 1 bar to my daughter. It feels so nice and the smell reminds me of being in a spa. I just ordered 3 more bars because I don't want to be without it. I have spent more on skin products that don't work as well for the skin as this bar does. Thank you for such a nice product!
Volcanic Ash
Irene C. wrote:

"Looks good. It's from my daughter's wish list, so I'm sure she will love it." Irene C., July 12, 2015

Vicki A. wrote:

"Love this soap !" Vicki A., July 12, 2015
joycee Knox wrote:

The soap was wonderful, it had a pleasant scent and last a long time...

Goat's Milk Soap

Myra Ramsey wrote:

Five Stars Coffee Soap (French Cafe Au Lait) and Goats -Buttermilk Aged Soap. I love the smell of both soaps. I have not used them at this time ...
Cafe au Lait French Soap
Theresa wrote:

"The finest natural soap I have used. The soap doesn't disappear in a week. I have sensitivity to toxins so I research the ingredients. This company doesn't hide harmful chemicals like some do stating it is fragrance. Also, I received an extra bar in my order! I guess it was a bonus deal but surely was a blessing. :)" Theresa July 4, 2015
Jessy wrote:

The Shea butter content of natural soaps, it also good for UV protection.Product arrived extremely fast and as described.
Oatmeal - Shea Butter Soap
A gift set for my sister wrote:

Ms.Smith, 69, who lives in Houston, recently bought a gift set as a Birthday present for her older sister in Charlotte, N.C. Wrote When you get to be my age, good products start disappearing, . I was afraid I would never wash again.
Donald wrote:

"Very very good soap takes off so much dirt you thought you have never had it unbelievable I recommend this product to everyone who is interested in buying this product you will not regret it. It even clear acne it's an everyday use tho and you must take a bath with it you will not see what I'm talking about if you take a shower with it" kingleo, June 17, 2015
Glenda wrote:

"Husband has eczema. Loves it." Glenda , June 12, 2015
Rose wrote:

Lemongrass Soap with natural ingredients is what made me fall in love with this soap. I' addicted for organic stuff and this one's definitely my favorite!
Large Lemongrass Soap
Jari L. Johnson, wrote:

5 out of 5: "Just what I ordered, arrived quickly, excellent product." Jari L. Johnson, June 6, 2015.
NZON4, June 6, 2015 wrote:

"I expected a stronger scent having tried other scented soaps from this company. But Citrus Sunshine is a nice soap."
Citrus Soap
Published 1 day ago by kingleo wrote:

This soap does amazing work to the body
Goat's Milk Soap
w109's wrote:

Decadent and delicious feel on the skin first time trying this company and soap. the sea kelp with organic cocoa butter bar is absolutely decadent! the suds are so thick and creamy...a delicious feeling. with that said, it is also soothing and healing, however the price may dictate how often we purchase .
Sea Kelp Varech Soap
Connie E.on -May 30, 2015 wrote:

Connie E.on May 30, 2015 Lathers really good and smells great!
Provence Lavender-Rose Soap
Karrie wrote:

"Love fragrance great soap" Karrie , May 23, 2015
Colette A wrote:

"Arrived on time. Bar soap larger than expected so definitely got my money's worth!" Colette A. , May 12, 2015
w109 wrote:

"arrived safely and on time. packaged very well. product as described." w109, April 28, 2015
Kuppy wrote:

Love there soaps, it is the only kind I buy Kuppy on April 25, 2015
Oatmeal - Shea Butter Soap
Theresa wrote:

"This company makes excellent soap. I have allergies to toxic products and I have confidence in their natural ingredients. I receive the product in a couple service." Theresa, April 23, 2015
John wrote:

"Excellent service and delivery! A++++" John D., April 22, 2015