People who have tried our handmade soaps for the first time have discovered how different it is from commercial store bought soap .

 Over 1.k  5 star reviews from our shop Natural Handcrafted Soap 

                                                      Since 2008


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Santa Lucia Murari Borba was a farmer's daughter from Murari's Borba, born in Italy 1904, who pioneered the natural handcrafted soap industry with essential oils in Brazil

Grandma's All Natural Handcrafted Soap

Christmas Coffee Heaven !

Christmas gifts coffee lovers !
Coffee scrub soap , I am in love with this coffee soap , I'm in total shock of how quickly this arrived! Christmas gifts coffee, is so cute. Such a heaven...

– Angelica on Handmade Soap Brazil Coffee with Cocoa Butter And Coffee Butter Natural

If you're a Hawaiian coffee lover

This Fall travelling with a family to Hawai'i we have learned about buying "Kona" Coffee , The quality Grandma's natural handcrafted Kona coffee is excellent. If you want a treat, give this coffee soap a try. 

Aged Limited Kona -Coffee-Soap 


It has been a game changer skincare soap!

Georgia on Nov 02, 2020

My husband and I have oily skin. We live in a town with soft water that just made things worse, so we tried Australian Tea tree from Grandma's Soap. It has been a game changer! Our face is less oily, and we have a smooth skin! It smells great, and a this soap goes a long way.

Australia Tea Tree Soap


Coffee soap for body smells

"How to get rid of body smell" You don't have to Google anymore . but I had tell you all that if you have a hands or body stink that wont go away , definitely give these coffee soap  a try. Well worth the price.


Last Year, I was browsing online and came across some handmade soaps. I am very sensitive to smell, so I appreciate a unscented soap, and this soap maker was describing how nice her natural soaps smelled and I decide to order one soap with lavender essential oil. Since then, I have never used commercial soap again! it is well worth the extra money to have a product that is all natural, eco-friendly, good for my skin, and full of rich lather. Thanks Kay

Love this Old-fashioned artisan soaps like a modern art ,  The good is, my eligible Google Pay card can be used . #Barbara

Chrissy on Oct 01, 2020

3-in-1 Soap
I bought this pepper mint for my Mom ,because she never seems to like the bars of peppermint soaps my husband John buy for her. this is the 3 time I shop here! Thanks #Chrissy


Organic African grapefruit soap scent is wonderful bright, pure pink grapefruit . It's a mild bar that comes alive in the shower.

Fabiola- Marie -September  2020

 Natural and organic soaps handmade heal  my breakouts, and brighten my complexion. I'm  35 years old and natural handcrafted soap is the only face soap I use . I love milk soaps, they are rich and luxurious. Thanks #Fabiola

All-natural handmade products - Pure, gentle, simple, natural all skin good .I have searched on Google for a company which I could trust, and a product which stands by its name.


Suzi- Artisan Skincare wrote:

I would sincerely recommend these products to anyone who is looking for a highly effective, natural, and yes, delightful, alternative to skin care. Suz- Sacramento California

Natural Soaps -Hannah J wrote:

Made the perfect Father’s Day gift, would definitely purchase from again! Keep doing what you do, Natural soaps
handmade through traditional, small-batch, cold process method.

Carolina wrote:

“I bought this handmade soap for two reasons: I’m trying to be more conscious of the ingredients in the products I use on my body and I had some eczema on my face. I also get that the other beauty item help reduce stress, so while you’re soothing your skin, you’re also soothing your mind. It does not contain any artificial dyes, synthetic fragrances, or harsh chemicals, and is handmade through traditional, small-batch, cold process method.

South Africa Grapefruit - Kelly wrote:

27 weeks pregnant this week of May and just use this Grapefruit South African and Brazilian Clay -
South Africa Grapefruit

Maya wrote:

handmade soaps usually get better with time, you may notice some changes as natural soap ages. Aged Greek Olive Oil Soap- Mediterranean Sea Salt
Aged Olive oil soap

May wrote:

Love Handmade soap From Olive Oil soap , Casile soap to Dead Sea Mud Scrub Coffee soaps.
The smell is to die for -

Dawn wrote:

I Absolutely Love your soaps! The smell is to die for and leaves your skin so soft! I bought my first bar sea kelp and chamomile . & would love to purchase more!
Sea clay kelp and chamomile herbs
Gentle soap, soft, soothing - Kay wrote:

Gentle, soft, soothing and hand-crafted soap
Perfectly Natural Soap- William wrote:

Perfectly Natural Soap for my Skin
Greek Olive Oil Soap help keep skin healthy.- Charlotte wrote:

regular soaps can be so harsh that they irritate the skin. Try using a gentle, moisturizing beauty handmade Greek Olive oil soap bar of to help keep skin healthy.
Olive oil soap
Natural soap naturally moisturize the skin, keeping your skin and hands soft. -Georgia - wrote:

After all, antibacterial soap can dry this skin out, which can be very uncomfortable over time, especially for little ones. Many people love that natural handcrafted organic soap helps to naturally moisturize the skin, keeping your skin and hands soft.
Natural Soap gently for every day use .- Martha wrote:

Washing your body ,face and hands . It's a good idea to avoid perfumed soaps, gels and antiseptics as these can affect the healthy balance of bacteria and pH levels in the body and cause irritation. Use natural handcrafted soaps to wash your all body gently for every day .
Castile olive coconut natural soap
Natural Clear Skin Acne Handmade Soap- Za wrote:

I love this skincare soap for acne Copaiba Coconut Brazilian Soap
Rainforest Copaiba Coconut Milk Soap
100% Best Natural Gift -Desi wrote:

A Birthday Gift All Natural Soap 100%
-Coffee Soap - Ferdinando wrote:

Love Caffeine . Great Coffee Soap . My best coffee in the morning Brazilian Coffee Scrub
100% Cold Processs Soap Handmade All Natural - Valentina wrote:

Hi! I'm Valentina . And I'm a chocoholic. I Love Cold-Process All-Natural Handmade Soap , Like a I love Chocolate.
Love Brazilian Coffee Scrub Soap
Cold Process Brazilian Espresso Coffee Scrub
Best Handmade Soap- Sarah Gomes - VA wrote:

The Best Soap Bars to Buy Now Is Olive Oil Soap and Kona Coffee Soap , Just Google about this Company and natural handcrafted soap is specializing in making all-natural and organic soaps. .
Olive oil soap
Kona Coffee Soap
Amazing product and company wrote:

Ordered late Wednesday night and delivered Friday morning. Fantastic products and fabulous customer service, I’m just sorry I’m giving it away as a present now!
All Natural Bar Soap 100% Pure. wrote:

Great Soap
Awesome soap -Decio wrote:

This is awesome soap if you switch to this brand you will never buy store bought soap again

Jay wrote:

No issues - timely and as described.
A Holiday gift handmade soap - J.P wrote:

to be given as a gift to someone who really liked this soap the first time.
Florida Citrus Soap
Mary wrote:

This soap is wonderful, it makes my skin feel soft. Please don't ever stop making this soap. I have chronic lyme disease which has made my skin hyper-reactive to almost everything I use except for this soap. .
Castile olive coconut natural soap
Thank you for all that you do and God bless. By Charles M. Pereira wrote:

Excellent service! Thank you for all that you do and God bless. Twelve Piece Soap Gift
Theresa Ellison wrote:

5 out of 5 stars Soap is nice and big. Cleans nicely! No allergic reaction. I’ll buy again!
Beer Lover wrote:

Fantastic Beer Gift For Beer Lovers Make someone ~hoppy~ this holiday season.
Beer Soap - Guinness Extra Stout
KYLIE wrote:

Got my first order from natural handcrafted soap today and I CANT wait to go home and open it!!!! My first time ordering and I was beyond impressed with the fast shipping rate!! aint playing no games! ??????
Dead Sea Mud - Anise-Bay Laurel
Volcanic Ash and more...
Holy moly, does it work!- Martha Santa wrote:

Holy moly, does it work! I am more than pleased with this Huge Bar . I'm planning to keep some on hand from now on, and I have recommended this product to my family."
Vintage Soaps Gift Set for Holidays-Christina wrote:

Vintage Soaps Gift Set for Holidays I loved the service so much that I bought my brother a gift set for Christmas. look forward to continuing to buy some of gifts from natural handcrafted soap for the Holidays,,
OMG! Every home should have one (or more) - Mary wrote:

OMG! Every home should have one (or more) OMG! Every home should have one (or more) of this scrubber olive oil soap . I used olive oil bar three times a week shower or bath and it worked splendidly.
Olive oil soap
Google a nice handmade soap -Elle wrote:

This is officially my first review. I Google into this site today for the first time and fell in love. There are so many beautiful soaps and they are all handmade. I support craft because I’m one too. From Elle - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Help acne, eczema, and psoriasis- Jasmine wrote:

Brazil oil soap clearing up things like acne, eczema, and psoriasis,After a week, my skin was clear. After two weeks, my face is completely smooth, with no new breakouts, and I'm happier than ever.
HANDMADE SOAP cruelty-free - Riri wrote:

"I'M SO HAPPY WITH THIS NATURAL SOAP ! I'm new to the skin care game and I've been trying to make myself get into a regimen.
for the love of a handmade quality - lily li wrote:

Passionate about this Natural Honey Goat's milk Soap for me and my baby Girl,,,
Golden Blossom Honey
I'm feeling Happy :) Body Soap softer and cleaner -Danielle Brown wrote:

This body soap made my skin "squeaky" clean feeling
Brazilian Coffee Scrub Soap
Handmade Soap wrote:

Great soap handmade natural peppermint
Peppermint Soap
Natural Brazil Coffee Soap-- Jair Brazil wrote:

Natural Brazil Coffee Soap-- !" " Handmade Soap- If you're looking for a great fall soap Brazilian Coffee Soap is perfect! The coffee is great to exfoliate and the coffee scent just makes you think fall! I love coffee...anything with character! ;-) Jair - Brazil
Brazilian Coffee Scrub Soap
Brazilian Espresso Coffee Scrub
Natural Soap - Health/Beauty--Carolina wrote:

Shop for natural bar soap online at . Free shipping for North Caroline residents
Natural! wrote:

Great seller and very fast response. Thank you again for the lovely soaps! They leave my skin feeling super soft! Plus they don't leave behind hard to wipe away residue or color which leaves my tub clean!
Peppermint Soap
Dead Sea Mud - Anise-Bay Laurel Soap
Rainforest Copaiba Soap

Goat's Milk Soap

Organic Natural Anti Acne Fungus Psoriasis - wrote:

Luxury Handcrafted Soap Inspired by History

asmine African Morocco Clay and Ghana Shea ! wrote:

Jasmine and African Moroccan Clay Soap oz. Bar 100% Unrefined Pure Natural Organic Shea Butter Love!
All Natural Bar Soap 100% Pure. wrote:

All Natural Soap Gentle, soft, soothing and hand-crafted. And North Carolina Free Shipping - Carol
Dead Sea Mud Sea salt - wrote:

Absolutely love this soap. I have Psoriasis on the side of my face and hands . Everyday I need to use a prescription crime for it. I used this soap yesterday for the first time and the psoriasis did not need any medication. Dead Sea Mud - Sea Salt
Creamy and Soothing." Kriss wrote:

This soap really does good for your face, I have sensitive/dry skin. This soap lathers up wonderfully and leaves your skin feeling so fresh and clean without drying. I have used the Copaiba coconut milk my Face Olive soap as well .
Olive oil soap
Handmade Organic All Natural Soap Bar for All Skin Types -koko wrote:

I love fancy soaps. I love soaps that smell amazing and are high quality.
Dead Sea Mud - Anise-Bay Laurel
Rainforest Copaiba

Goat's Milk Soap

The Goodies Natural Organic Soap-??? wrote:

Moisturizing organic natural soap,Leaves skin feeling good and smelling fresh.
Handmade Soap Natural - Carolina wrote:

Handmade Soap Favorite for Falls Flowers Scent Soaps
Lavender Jasmine Soap
Jasmine Lilac Soap
Jasmine Grandiflorum
Summer from Florida wrote:

This is paraben-free! I’ve never in my life seen a soap bar product have such dramatic results in such a small period of time. After two uses, I could already see a huge difference in my skin. I look in the mirror :) my skin is glowing, fresh, and even. It’s super moisturized and soft. And I used to ALWAYS break out when it was my time of the month. This Volcanic ash bar soap has somehow managed to keep it all under control. I will definitely be buying more of natural soaps , I want to try then all .
Volcanic Ash and more...
Brazilian Oil Soap Art Piece-Rio wrote:

It is years of Brazilian's heritage from the Grandmothers batch natural Brazilian Oil soap . Love this piece of art , Super fast shipping to Brazil , I have not waiting 200 years to get , I had in 7 days .
Brazil Oils and more...
Love the Handmade Soaps wrote:

Love the Handmade Soaps Thanks for the Fast shipping - Get in 2 days Bought my soaps Tuesday, September 11 afternoon get on September 13 Western North Carolina. Thanks .. Florinda
Handmade Soap - George wrote:

Love smells the peppermint Soap smells like a candy bar .
Peppermint Soap
Coffee Soap <3 Jessica! wrote:

This coffee soap contains freshly brewed coffee and coffee grounds for exfoliation and a Bite of Vanilla scent Yummy,
Tea Tree Soap works for acne - Brian Canada wrote:

Tea tree Soap Works Tea Tree Soap Bar is great for my acne.
Excellent soap- Mr. Brown wrote:

Think I am up to 5 or 6 reorders. I have it in all of the bathrooms for hand soap and by the tubs for bathing. Great stuff!! This is also the best bar that I have found.
Castile Soap - Carlos Oscar. wrote:

Castile soaps are supposed to be better for the skin than regular soap So, I bought this for my wife and daughter but I like it a lot. The scents aren't overpowering and it cleans very well. Lots of suds, even with hard water.
Castile olive coconut natural soap
Natural soap -Amy S. Francisco wrote:

The best soap, period.This is the best soap, I honestly can't stand to use anything else.
Citrus Orange Gentle Soap -Augusto wrote:

CITRUS ORANGE. Fresh and bright smelling – an invigorating blend of organic orange, lemon and lime oils!
Florida Citrus Soap
I like it ! Anne wrote:

This Bar is Delicate . Love to shower , Perfect bar for what I need .. I 'm Better Now.. share with Friends
Natural Soap- In My Feelings- Levin wrote:

Ah, summer--the season of hot outdoor showers and cool, air- and natural handcrafted soaps like Beer soap - Coffee Soap - Citrus Sunshine soap -Lemongrass Soap , Longing lasting bar using past 3 months.
Natural Soap -Ger from Hamilton, OH wrote:

I feel so good and fresh <3 I bought some goat milk soap and Citrus soap and it feels so good, and I love showering in this kind of weather. I have all the windows open, the steam kinda just lingers around the house. No lights on, no fan just natural filtered goodness
Goat and Coconut Milk
Golden Blossom Honey

Love. Handmade- Carter wrote:

Love Handmade Soap - Florida Citrus Sunshine was my #1 Soap
Florida Citrus Soap
All Natural soap -Desire Alet wrote:

Soft, Supple skin? Want to rid yourself of dried knees and elbows too. This is the place. Fabulous soaps with natural oils and wonderful scents! ?
Natural Organic Soap wrote:

Natural Organic Soap Natural Soaps cleanse and moisturize my skin. Made with organic oils plant butters and finest natural healthy ingredients for the planet. Jennyfer
Coffee -Josh Columbus, Ohio wrote:

Mostly coffee soap with some other stuff mixed in for a gift! :)
Brazilian Coffee Scrub Soap
Brazilian Espresso Coffee Scrub
Handmade Soap -Jocelynn Brown - Detroit wrote:

Handmade Soap I need to make more room for more soaps ..
Natural Soap - Rosenstein wrote:

12 Twelve soap gift set for men's Great Gift for my son . Soaps are big 7 + ounce. Thanks. Fast Shipping -Rosenstein
Twelve Piece Soap Gift
Handmade Soap with Oatmeal Face Bar-Helen Rodriguez wrote:

Health for all body and face Handmade Soap with Oatmeal Face Bar. Recommended by Doctor's. Google for more.., healthy benefits
Oatmeal - Mango Butter
Natural Soap to Clean My Face- Greta wrote:

cleanse your skin, especially your face, is really personal preference. try it .. Grapefruit or Tangerine soap bar I'm Adjusting My Routine to Avoid Acne , Using Florida Citrus Sunshine soap .
Florida Citrus Soap
Shampoo in a bar Beer Soap - Debbie wrote:

Beer bar shampoo and was pleasantly surprised at how easy they were to use and the amount of lather. Good also body and Face soap
Beer Soap - Guinness Extra Stout
Natural-bath body natural-soap -Rose Lee wrote:

Natural Soap Body and bath cleanse, moisturize and soothe your skin with all natural handmade soap made with organic oils and plant butters, pure essential oils, organic herbs, and spices. love it. Rose.
Lavender Jasmine Soap
Jasmine Lilac Soap
Jasmine Grandiflorum
Handmade Soap - Sophia wrote:

Handmade Soap Skin Care Routine That Actually Works For My Oily Skin. I swear on olive oil soap with Mediterranean sea salt routine to keep it happy, healthy, and a little less acne-prone and oily!
Copaiba Coconut Soap -Yum! wrote:

Natural soaps great for sensitive skin and also for Eczema/Psoriasis sufferers! All naturally handcrafted .
Rainforest Copaiba Coconut Milk Soap
Handmade Craft Soap- Alina wrote:

Amazing Jasmine Rose. Organic Flowers and beautiful gift basket with a Card.
Natural Handmade Dead Sea Mud Soap - Sarah wrote:

Handmade All Natural Dead Sea Mud Soap bar For Fathers Gifts Gifts For Men And For Women. Dead Sea Mud - Anise-Bay Laurel Soap
Handmade soap -- Kim Jo Ann Brambleberry Way Raleigh, NC 27616 wrote:

My Neighbors from Brambleberry Way here in North Carolina give me a natural soap and I was amazed . I've been using these amazing soaps for about 2 months now.
Dead Sea Mud - Anise-Bay Laurel
Volcanic Ash and more...
Addicted to coffee- Since 1996 -Johnson from Alabama wrote:

I'm 63 years old Since 1996 I'm Addicted to coffee , Coffee Natural Soap is my New Drug :) :) Shower , Bathing and a Great Skin care Soap for all body and face .
Brazilian Coffee Scrub Soap
Brazilian Espresso Coffee Scrub
Handmade soap and design sponge-Brooklyn wrote:

That only what I need is a design sponge and handmade soap on my bathrooms.
Seasonal soaps - YUM! wrote:

I Love All Natural Handcrafted Soaps · Seasonal Soaps · Rose · Citrus · Flower · Green · Earthy · Mint · Warm & Spicy · Exfoliate Shaving Soap ...
Handmade soap - Shand wrote:

Handmade Soap made with Olive Oil! Natural soaps great for sensitive skin and also for Eczema/Psoriasis sufferers! Thanks !
Peppermint Soap
Dead Sea Mud - Anise-Bay Laurel Soap
Rainforest Copaiba Soap

Goat's Milk Soap

Handmade Soap - Sarah wrote:

Hand crafted artisan soaps all natural .Great soap for eczema and acne

Florida Citrus Tangerine Orange Soap - Marco wrote:

I'm Adjusting My Routine to Avoid Acne , Using Florida Citrus Sunshine soap .
Florida Citrus Soap
Handmade- Charlotte wrote:

GET READY FOR SUMMER - ready to play with clay Soap :) and make these adorable summer-ready for bathing or shower Moroccan Clay - jasmine soap Jasmine Clay Himalaya salt
Vintage Royal Jasmine - French Lavender Aged Natural Soap - Casilda wrote:

Lovely Vintage Old Aged Natural Soap a gift for a Bride Shower ! 2 Years Old Aged Large 9 oz. French Lavender - Jasmine Soap Limited Edition Soap Only 1 in Stock Large bar , This is a wonderful aged soap that can be used not only in the shower or bath, But makes a wonderful decorative soap, custom hand stamped.
The best-smelling Handmade Soap Volcanic Ash Patchouli - Jackson wrote:

This is one of the best-smelling shower products I've ever tried. It has a rich, masculine scent that totally upgrades your shower experience. If this scent were bottled, I'd wear it as a cologne."
Volcanic Ash
Art Deco- Handmade Soap - Tamara wrote:

Artisan Handmade Olive Oil Soap like a piece of art decoration Artisan Aged Soap Limited
Day in style with Dead Sea Mud Soap Israel- from Natalie wrote:

Reasons Why I Love Israel is the Dead Sea Mud - This soap is just a Sp a at Home ! Dead Sea Mud - Sea Salt
70th Birthday Gift -Sara wrote:

Celebrating my 70th birthday with this Israel Dead Sea Mud Soap and Lavender Mud soap gift for myself !Lavender-- Dead Sea Mud

Dead Sea Mud - Anise-Bay Laurel
Natural soap for flaky skin from Olive North wrote:

I tend to have pretty dry skin but since using this natural soaps I haven’t had any problems with flaky skin
Rainforest Copaiba

Goat's Milk Soap

Handmade Soap - Adele wrote:

Send a birthday gift to a friend — 12 bar of handmade soap absolutely stunning old fashioned handmade soap.
Volcanic Ash and Hawaii Kona Coffee-Marie Brown wrote:

A powerful Volcanic Ash Bar Help My Oily Skin and Hawaii Kona Big Island bought on Thursday help my mornings wake up showers.
*Perfect* bar clear my face- Michelle Wolf wrote:

uses the volcanic ash bar to create a *perfect* clear skin . Thanks.
Volcanic Ash
Mary Smith's wrote:

Beauty homemade soap, Natural soaps
If your skin is dry, oily, and sensitive all at the same time. By WGB wrote:

Try this Lovely Bar Soap ! AND! My formerly typical late-afternoon forehead shine is a thing of the past. My skin stays hydrated and matte all day. Provence Lavender-Jasmine Soap
It’s Handcrafted: Goat's Milk Soaps-Ben ! wrote:

It’s Handcrafted all natural goat milk soap is created by hand craftier from this natural soap website only use fresh goat’s milk-
Goat's Milk Soap
4 Simple Springtime Lovely Soaps wrote:

We will definitely be buying more in the future, both for ourselves and others.
Gift Natural Artisan Four Bar Gift Set Soaps
Loving Vegan Soap - Alison wrote:

Loving this Vegan Soap with Sea Kelp Hi! I'm Alison! I'm so excited to share my love for this Good Vegan Handmade Soap . Thanks !
Sea Kelp Varech Soap
True Natural Organic Soaps- Khloé wrote:

True Love -Natural Organic Soaps from natural handcrafted soap was a gift for my "Mommy" the soap arrived last Thursday. Natural Soap is a true natural with only the best natural ingredients for your skin .(Not Cheating).So, I ordered few products with two days delivery promise..Mother and Baby Handmade Soap Gift Set -Twelve Piece .
Sea Kelp Varech Soap Lavender-- Dead Sea Mud
Dead Sea Mud - Anise-Bay Laurel
Handmade soap Herbal and Fresh ! LU from VA! wrote:

handmade soap sea kelp and citrus orange tangerine are packed with fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and oils that'll work wonders on your skin, leaving it feeling soft, balanced and with a delicate scent that you'll enjoy all day.
Sea clay kelp and chamomile herbs
Florida Citrus Soap
A Bar of Oatmeal- Shea Moisture Soap-Green wrote:

battling blemishes with ingredients like Shea butter and oats,for moisturizing irritated skin.
Oatmeal - Shea Butter Soap
Acne soap- Australian Tea Tree Soap -M.Gold wrote:

This is the best acne treatment my family has ever used. This soap is amazing. My kids tried every acne face wash out and it only made their skin worse. We found this soap based on other good reviews, and we love it. It cleared up all three of my daughters’ skin within days. And they have stayed clear of acne. We are definitely buying this again and again. We will never be without it.”
Oatmeal - Tea Tree

Handmade soap good for body and earth- By Valerie (Tucson, AZ) wrote:

Handmade in small batches with only the freshest ingredients. love it ... !
Dead Sea Mud - Anise-Bay Laurel
Rainforest Copaiba

Goat's Milk Soap

I am in love with this natural soaps- Angel wrote:

I actually placed an order a month ago, and already reordered it because it was so good. The smell of the lavender, and volcanic ash patchouli soaps soothes me and helps me sleep.
Volcanic Ash Provence Lavender-Rose Soap
Handmade Soaps -S. Golden wrote:

Dead Sea Mud Handmade Soap with anise licorice is very detoxifying for my skin, yet extremely moisturizing like the rest of handmade soaps! I also like Lemongrass, Peppermint, Lavender Rose handmade soaps.
Natural ingredients- YUM! wrote:

Natural soap 100% naturally derived ingredients.
National Beer Day - Beer Love ! wrote:

Today is a #National Beer Day April 7 - Remembering to buy this beer soap again- Beer Soaps: All natural soap made from real beer Guinness Extra stout This is wonderful soap!
Beer Soap - Guinness Extra Stout
A 6 star product - Seth Godin wrote:

No stripping of the skin, soothes and nourishes, lathers and cleans well, no interference with skin barrier. I've loved any of the soaps I've tried from them, and while the lilac was totally my favorite, I just sorta need all my skincare scents to match so I switched to this one. still a great product and no regrets! Bar lasts a long time and while I thought before purchasing the price was initially high, after using it for the results they could honestly charge more. A great part in my skincare routine.
Golden Blossom Honey
Springtime Lemon lemongrass natural soap- Jasmine wrote:

lemongrass Lemony Super Fresh Springtime Natural Soap for Treats yourself For When It Finally Stops Snowing.
Brazilian Coffee - Sergio - wrote:

2 Favorite soaps coffee soaps and Brazil Oil Soap Brazilian Espresso Coffee Scrub
Brazil Oils Soap
Good Soap for African Americans oily skin- Maya from Winston-Salem, NC wrote:

This African Grapefruit Soap is the best facial natural soap for African Americans with oily skin . This bar educe or eliminate mild acne. I bought me a gift for my birthday . Love this bar.
South Africa Grapefruit
Sea mud with Sea Salt from the Dead Sea- Sandy wrote:

I tried to not touch my face for two Weeks and use this natural handcrafted soap for 2 weeks and results was 60% better!
Dead Sea Mud - Sea Salt
Time to shower ! - John Clock wrote:

Shower Time! Just discovered NATURAL sea kelp hand crafted Facial Bar, made with miraculous minerals from the SEA and all natural ingredients from the Ocean. Reviewer: John Clock from Long Beach .
Sea Kelp Varech Soap Lavender-- Dead Sea Mud
Ocean Sea Kelp Moss Soap-Reviewer: John Harrison from London wrote:

Vintage looking soap , bathe in the Ocean with Sea Kelp Moss Soap- refreshing in every shower time.
Sea clay kelp and chamomile herbs
2 Easy Ways To Never Skip Shower again-Virginia Summer wrote:

2 of Find favorite soaps and commit to it – like organic oatmeal soap and coffee soap
Oatmeal - Mango Butter
Brazilian Espresso Coffee Scrub
2 Beauty Soap Products You Should Try -++, Jesus++, wrote:

Gift for my family -Dead Sea Mud Soap Bar . Mud from the Holy City - Israel. , and Volcanic ash soaps Fast shipping..

Dead Sea Mud - Anise-Bay Laurel
Volcanic Ash

Bible list of soaps - Dry itchy skin- Virginia wrote:

If your skin is red, dry scaly and extremely itchy I recommend this soap bar from natural handcrafted soaps , that is a cult for me :) Tea Tree , peppermint Copaiba , Goat's milk , Olive Oil , jasmine coconut soaps ..and also Dead Sea Mud form the Holy Land !
Dead Sea Mud - Anise-Bay Laurel
Rainforest Copaiba

Goat's Milk Soap

Great soap for eczema!- Roseanne wrote:

Great soap for eczema!- I liked this soap, It's works really well for healing my eczema . The bar lasted a long time, a month of showers at least. The scent was nice and I enjoyed that it was handmade. - Roseanne - wrote: March 30, 2018
Dead Sea Mud - Anise-Bay Laurel
Florida Citrus orange artisan natural soap -Val wrote:

I have dry skin around my mouth and cheeks and I’m oily everywhere else, so it’s been hard for me to find a soap that sinks into my skin and gets the job done for my combo cystic acne prone skin. UNTIL NOW!!!
Florida Citrus Soap
Peppermint Soap -—Alyssa J. wrote:

is like a breath of fresh air, clean your face and minimizing aging signs. I absolutely love this soap. .
Tea tree soap .
Dead Sea Mud Bar Soap - ISA wrote:

I'm halfway through my dead sea mud soap bar and it's safe to say that I love it. I have oily, acne-prone skin and tend to get tiny blackheads on my forehead from working out and whatnot. This bar has reduced my overall forehead shine as well as the blackheads. I'm hooked! The price and the smell are great too :)" — because this bar is so large and bigger!
Dead Sea Mud - Anise-Bay Laurel
I. AM. OBSESSED!! —Alexandra S. wrote:

After a month-long experiment trying a natural handcrafted soap skin care routine
Jasmine Grandiflorum

Natural Soap-Lindsay wrote:

Perfectly Natural Soap !Cleanse, moisturize and soothe .Lindsay from Vermont !
Florida Citrus scent to die for - Miami Lady wrote:

Florida citruses scent to die for Large Bar ! Too big to drop it must hurt your feet .Florida Citrus Soap real natural essential oils scent is not overpower that I like in this soap. Shipping is faster iv'e International
Florida Citrus Soap
Pure, Natural, True Soap | Old Fashioned - Old men from Texas ! wrote:

Natural Handcrafted soap creates true soap with pure, natural ingredients.
Almond-Hazelnut Soap
Volcanic Ash
Kick Ass Soap -Justin - Los Angeles California ! wrote:

Big Ass Guinness Beer Soap - Smell great ! A gift .. Justin - Los Angeles California !
Beer Soap - Guinness Extra Stout
I love Natural Soap - Olsen! wrote:

My Favorite Cold Process soaps is Oat, Milk, Coffee .Yesterday, I have a tiny slice of the sample soap under running water and my goodness does it have some rich lather. I cannot wait for my new order!

Goat's Milk Soap
Brazilian Coffee Scrub Soap

Homemade Soaps Make Amazing Gifts - Jody Church wrote:

These Ultra-Moisturizing Homemade Soaps Make Amazing Gifts
Months of March Gift Set
Handmade Soap - wrote:

These handmade soaps are made from scratch by artisans using raw materials all natural. I like the selections are the largest on the internet. Thanks Adams..Coffee Luxury Scrub Soap .
Sea Kelp Varech Soap Lavender-- Dead Sea Mud
Dead Sea Mud - Anise-Bay Laurel
Lovely Handmade Soaps, Lynn - Acushnet, Massachusetts wrote:

Spring is coming and we need more handmade limited edition soaps for the March 20's
Handmade Soap Limited Edition
Handcrafted Artisan Soaps wrote:

These soaps are handcrafted with blends of rich oils ...Goat's Milk Tea Tree - Oatmeal · Lavender · Coconut · Olive Oil · Mint · Handmade
Natural Soap - Lea from New York wrote:

Made with luxurious olive oil and coconut oil. Love it
Cold Process All-Natural Handmade Soap - Stephanie Rose from California wrote:

Cold-process soap has no additives that are bad for the earth and it is gentle on my sensitive skin.
Lavender Jasmine Soap
Jasmine Lilac Soap
Jasmine Grandiflorum
Peppermint Soap - cleared up my acne -Lee from S.Carolina wrote:

Great for clearing acne cleared up my acne
Natural Soap has been a skin lifesaver for me - Candy from Alabama wrote:

The milk , lavender , citrus soaps all natural i'ts a a pure, clean soaps that nourishes and does not clog pores.
Goat and Coconut Milk
Golden Blossom Honey
Citrus Soap
Lavender & Jasmine Soap
"Great natural soaps"- Schmidt from Vermont wrote:

Each bar lasted about 6 weeks for me with daily use in the shower. best all natural body soap bars!
O.M.G.. Love - Stephanie Fernando wrote:

I wash my 3 kids, after dinner, before they go to bed. Most relaxing time of the day - I use goat's milk soaps or lavender geranium ,Try it out!
Goat's Milk Soap Blossom Raw Honey
Coffee Soap-Rebecca Reynolds wrote:

I hate morning showers, it's cold before and after in the morning while at night I can get cozy and hide in bed for warmth. In the morning I just take shower with Brazilian Espresso Coffee Soap , you must have it.. or not shower :)
Brazilian Espresso Coffee Scrub
Hot shower Natural soaps / Eduarda Queiroz -Rockville, Maryland wrote:

hot shower/bath at night with some lavender rose and sea kelp chamomile soap/scrub is the BEST way to unwind before sleep. Provence Lavender-Rose Soap
I'm from Florida the sunshine state - Linda wrote:

Florida citrus soap is my favorite of all . I like the old fashioned soap , no dry my skin ,Highly recommend.
Citrus Soap
Goat's milk soap - Carol wrote:

Happy with this soap, nice lather
Great Treat! Melissa E Burns wrote:

This is wonderful soap!
Beer Soap - Guinness Extra Stout

Olive Oil Soap - Real wrote:

I use this "olive oil soap" every day for shower. It's great for my dry skin. Seems it has right pH to think so. Highly recommend. Good form to hold in hand taking bath. I will buy olive soap again.
Olive oil soap
Brazil Oil Soap -Jan. wrote:

I found this product to be of high quality. It is very refreshing and seems to leave my skin less dry which is my main reason for purchase. Time will tell.

South Africa Grapefruit
Oatmeal - Mango Butter Soap
Twelve Piece Soap Gift

Goat's milk Honey -Jean - Canada wrote:

Luxurious, creamy lather. Leaves skin incredibly soft. Ideal for "diabetic skin". Clean scent. Really a quality product. Long lasting large bar. Have tried others that cost much more and they are inferior to this soap. So glad I tried it.
Goat's Milk Soap Blossom Raw Honey
Coffee Brazilian Scrub Soap - keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. Vanessa wrote:

This is my favorite coffee scrub soap by far! I love how soft and moisturized my skin feels shower with this scrub coffee bar helps reduce the appearance of cellulite." —Vanessa Coffee Luxury Scrub Soap
Olive Oil Soap - Barry wrote:

I love the wide selections of your Olive soaps. Reminds me of a time not too long ago when a consumer could purchase large "raw" chunks of Olive Soap by the pound. Scarcity and the endless conflicts in the Middle East, in my opinion, made this option difficult if not impossible. No matter, you appear to offer the next best thing.

Wondering if you know of a method for handling a large soap brick, while showering or bathing? What comes to mind is, using a face cloth. However, I'd prefer to cut it into more manageable pieces (can you suggest a way of doing that?). Thinking in terms of safety, I'd imagine that rubbing off some lather onto a face cloth would be best. I'm just looking for ideas here--your thoughts.
Greek Olive Oil Soap with Mediterranean Sea Salt Natural Artisan

Many thanks, Barry

Natural Handcrafted Soaps- Rose Mary wrote:

Awesome customer service.Most all of my Family only uses Natural Artisan handmade Soaps . Along with my first order there was a sample ,travel size of this Greek olive oil soap it lathered right up and is moisturizing! The Soap is creamy and yes lathers very well and most importantly no harmful Chemicals! Thank you to the Artisans for doing a great job making these Soaps!
Dead Sea Mud Soap - Peppermint soap - Valery wrote:

Handmade natural Dead Sea Mud Soap bar For body and face make a great gift for men and for dad dad also love the (peppermint) soap.
Dead Sea Mud - Anise-Bay Laurel
Dead Sea Mud Soap - Serena - Florida wrote:

Dead Sea Mud is good for your skin, you will feel like you're at a real life spa. It won't stain your bathtub, either. NO REGRETS!
Handmade soap kelp chamomile-Jedi A. wrote:

Sea Kelp Chamomile soap -. It smoothly, and leaves the skin feeling hydrated but not oily. Lasts for: At least six months with frequent use.
Lemongrass Soap- Sally from New York! wrote:

This soap smells deliciously lemony . It's definitely effective and gentle for people with sensitive skin
Happy Shower ! Happy Year ! wrote:

This natural handcrafted soaps is the happiest thing you can use in your shower. It smells good and it's both nourishing and moisturizing. I discovered it in a gift pack that my mom got me for Christmas a few years ago and it's still one of my favorite products.
Coffee Soap-ELIMINATES THE LOOK OF DARK CIRCLES-Victoria from Texas wrote:

Restores nourishment in form of hydration to the under-eye area removing puffiness. Like and Buy coffee soap again!
Brazilian Coffee Scrub Soap
Brazilian Espresso Coffee Scrub
Coffee Luxury Scrub Soap
Greek Olive Oil Soap Radiant Glow Skin . -Patrice wrote:

I started a use olive oil soap for my skin care regimen a few weeks ago and my skin has never felt so Good!
Greek Olive Oil Soap with Mediterranean Sea Salt Natural Artisan
Goat's Milk and Coconut Soap - Patty from Alabama wrote:

“This goat's milk coconut bar is my favorite . I’ve used a couple soaps in the past and this is definitely my favorite. As soon as I wash my body, I can feel a difference. It makes my skin extremely soft, 100%. Best of all, it does all of this in five minutes. If you don’t have much time in the shower, no problem because you don’t have to waiting in for a long time to see the results !
Goat's Coconut Milk Soap
Handmade soap - Holidays Gift - Grace wrote:

handmade guest soap gift ideas - Loved the product and shipping and packaging were excellent and very fast. Good job!"
Lavender Jasmine Soap
Jasmine Lilac Soap
Jasmine Grandiflorum
Lavender Soap Relaxing - Martha wrote:

..hard day and just need to relax with my favorite natural bar scent Provence Lavender Rose Petals Provence Lavender-Rose Soap
Beer Soap Guinness. - Peggy wrote:

bathing with beer soap might be the next best thing.
Coffee Soap Magically Transform You Into A Morning Person - Dawn Anderson wrote:

Being a morning person myself (I wake up at 4 am) Espresso Coffee Soap that will make you look like someone who is having a great time being awake.
Handmade Soap for Holidays again ! Ann Rainbow- Los Angeles, CA - wrote:

I ordered from natural handcrafted soap two years ago for the Holidays, and here I am ordering for Christmas again. The shipping was extremely quick and it was very well packaged for shipping. . Would definitely recommend this purchase. Good quality of vintage looking soaps.
Luxurious Oatmeal Soap - Generous 7+ oz bar - Meghan wrote:

The oatmeal bar is creamy and non-drying. I will order more as gifts! The fact that they are all natural and contain nothing bad for my body and face is one of the reasons I use them. I discovered these soaps when my daughter Google for some allergy soaps and body wash.
Oatmeal - Shea Butter Soap

Holidays Handmade Soap - Nataly wrote:

The holiday season is usually the busiest time of year for buy a gift for everyone ,, so I come here and get a gift for all ..friends, neighbors and family.. My Holiday handmade soap List .Coffee Luxury Scrub Soap .
Sea Kelp Varech Soap Lavender-- Dead Sea Mud
Dead Sea Mud - Anise-Bay Laurel
Scrub Coffee Soap -Lauren from Portland, Oregon wrote:

This coffee scrub soap is incredible when it comes to livening up your complexion. The texture of the coffee grounds gently exfoliates your dull, winter skin.
Brazilian Coffee Scrub Soap
Brazilian Espresso Coffee Scrub
Oatmeal Soap with Shea Butter- Nadia wrote:

oatmeal at bath time can quickly clear up a nasty heat rash , But clog your drain ,, Best solution is a Oatmeal from enriched with Shea butter for dry skin ,massage gently onto your rash, and rinse off completely.
Oatmeal - Shea Butter Soap
Peppermint Handmade soap -Ginger wrote:

Peppermint and Clay soap Are Wonderful Healing For My skin Body and face . I discovered peppermint when I was 12 years old and I have used it all my life for treating all my ailments. .
Real Handmade Soap - SonJa wrote:

I want to buy + of your products for the Holidays!
handmade soap - Coffee wrote:

Love love all good
Seasonal fall gift ideas Handmade soaps - Olive Rose from Texas. wrote:

Here I've picked out some of my favorite seasonal fall gift ideas, perfect for Thanksgiving hostess gifts, teacher gifts or just a little gift to yourself!
Handmade 100% Raw Goat Milk Oatmeal 'n Honey Soap - Charlote wrote:

When you Google for natural soaps you can find the best Goat's milk with Oatmeal and Honey soap here!
Goat's Coconut Milk Soap
Wonderful hand crafted soap.. -G.P wrote:

Awesome service. Received my phone order quickly used the lemongrass soap and love it. First impression: Worth it!
Lemongrass Soap
Crepe in skin going away. Lasts a long tine.-SZQ wrote:

Reduces the crepe in your skin. Lathers beautifully. If you keep the bar dry between uses in a well draining soap dish it will last a very long time.
Greek Olive Oil Soap with Mediterranean Sea Salt Natural Artisan
Handmade soap -By Robert L. Campbell on November 2, 2017. wrote:

A very useful soap to have - nice on the hands, and not easy to find in stores, By Robert L. Campbell on November 2, 2017.
Handmade Eco Natural Soap - Thomas from Phoenix, AZ wrote:

Handmade Eco Soaps Works for my skin love this herbal Sea clay kelp and chamomile herbs .

Sea clay kelp and chamomile herbs

Handmade Eco Natural Soap - Thomas from Phoenix, AZ wrote:

Handmade Eco Soaps Works for my skin love this herbal Sea clay kelp and chamomile herbs .
Yes! Organic Oatmeal Soap - Steven- Washington- DC wrote:

Yes! Organic October 25, 2017 Reviewer: eco-friendly men from Washington- DC Googling for Organic on Google found a popular Google review about this bar great selection of organic and natural oatmeal soaps
Soap Award for Best -Robert wrote:

Olive oil soap best award !!
Greek Olive Oil Soap with Mediterranean Sea Salt Natural Artisan View Here
Ancient Artisan Soap -Esther from Dallas TX wrote:

Can buy soap by the size and age . Great scents and unique made in different types. Such as coffee soap goat milk soap , etc. Can't find it like this anywhere else.
Bar soap safe for the planet and your skin- Joao wrote:

Natural Handcrafted Soap healthy, natural products that are safe for the planet and your skin. This soap is made with a mixture coconut, and olive oils, love it. fast shipping high quality bar soaps delivered right to my door.
Castile olive coconut natural soap
Kona Natural Soap- Kailua from Honolulu, HI wrote:

I'm Local from Hawaii , Google about Kona coffee and find this Natural Soap Co. sold Kona coffee natural soap. Their coffee is made with Hawaii Kona Coffee ingredients . Kona Coffee only grows on the slopes two volcanoes on the Big Island of Hawaii. I was intricate about this bar and I make the purchase . In just 2 days I was holding a bar of Kona Natural Soap in the shower is like having an at-home spa experience. Kona Coffee Soap from natural handcrafted soap smell a light scent of kona coffee , it is a treat each day for my skin! Kudos to the owners for offering an amazing natural product! Aloha Coffee!
Kona Coffee natural soap
Natural Handcrafted Soap Co. -Miss.Lavander Lover from United Kingdom wrote:

I come across this Natural Handcrafted Soap Co. while doing a soap search on I saw that someone left a lovely Google review on this particular soap lavender and geranium.
Lavender Geranium Bar Soap
Time for my olive oil soap ! Erik from Las Vegas wrote:

Shower is good with this bar - my 2 time I got this soap on and here true this site
Organic goat's milk Farm Fresh - Kim Santa Monica, California wrote:

Creamy Organic Goat Milk Soap - Unscented Original-I absolutely love this soap! This is the second time I've ordered and couldn't be happier.. Perfect for persons with dry sensitive skin.
Goat's Milk Soap
David Kleber wrote:

Googling for Detoxifying bar soap - Not contain harmful chemicals .Good brand soaps NOT LIKE the mass-produced bars that you buy from the drug store could contain harmful chemicals . Thanks David Kleber
Peppermint Soap
Dead Sea Mud - Anise-Bay Laurel Soap
Rainforest Copaiba Soap

Goat's Milk Soap

Tammy -Dead Sea Mud Soap wrote:

Tammy Botzum - I still have some of your mud soap left from an order about 3-4 years ago. I cut it into smaller chunks treat it like gold! Your soaps are wonderful!
Dead Sea Mud - Anise-Bay Laurel
Almond Hazelnut Soap Good for acne- Marie wrote:

Love this almond soap great for acne and dry skin . fast shipping LOVE.
OMG LOVE IT wrote:

I took a long time to order these soaps, as I was a little put off by the price. Having 'bitten the bullet' I can say without hesitation that they're worth every cent. Large soaps, with beautiful scents and label as well. You won't be disappointed if you buy as a gift for someone, or as a treat for yourself.
Natural Honey Goat's milk Soap- Nina wrote:

very mild, conditioning bar of soap that will leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated. Thanks Nina-Blaxland, Australia
Rainforest Coapiba tree soap - Jair wrote:

Rainforest Soap does not burn my eyes and has a nice scent of the Copaiba Rainforest Tree .
Joe - Coffee Soap wrote:

Coffee Scrub Soap give your body the boost to get up and go with some energy. Best natural coffee soap for dry and damaged skin .Try this artisan soap made with natural ingredients. Good Product.
Brazilian Coffee Scrub Soap
Brazilian Espresso Coffee Scrub
International goodness - Deetria Cannon wrote:

Great size bar! Will last me a long time since a little goes a long way. All natural ingredients keep my skin clean and clear. I follow up with a good moisturizer for hydration.
Dead Sea Mud and Dead Sea Salt
Brown Lady - Great for psoriasis eczema or skin fungus wrote:

Volcanic Ash Soap -Miracle Soap Skin type- combination, ethinicity- African American
Volcanic Ash
Best Soap - Augusta California wrote:

August 1- Soaps are made with all natural ingredients . Beauty Soap at truly delightful flavor to relax and enjoy I Get it as soon as Tuesday Last week 2 days. Fast shipping for California.
Summer - Florida- Orange County · 32704 wrote:

Florida Citrus Orange Soap Skin soft with handmade soap of fresh citrus fells nice at hot temperatures. Refreshing and tangy and sweet all at the same time.
Florida Citrus Soap
Handmade Soap -Brianna Arlington , Massachusetts 02476 wrote:

Handmade Vegan Cruelty Free All Natural Soap Handmade Vegan Cruelty-Free All-Natural Soap Fast shipping
Olive oil soap
Oatmeal Handmade Soap All Natural - Juan wrote:

Oatmeal Bar Soap. Soothe. Soothing and smoothing organic soap. Fast shipping from NC to Puerto Rico.
Oatmeal - Shea Butter Soap
Natural Soap Face and Body Soap - June wrote:

Natural soap won't dry out my skin or cause any other skin irritation as all of the ingredients are gentle and skin safe. Natural soap doesn't contain any synthetic ingredients, which can be absorbed by the skin .
Best Soaps - Father's Day wrote:

This Is the Best Soaps for Coffee and Beer Lovers and Father's Day Gift
Brazilian Coffee Scrub Soap
Beer Soap - Guinness Extra Stout
Natural Soap - North Carolina -Sally wrote:

They only use the finest, natural ingredients.
Citrus Tangerine & Coffee Bar Soap - Grace wrote:

100% Natural & Organic Ingredients
Handmade Soap - Sarah wrote:

Hand crafted artisan soaps create in small batches help you enjoy a spa experience at home! Thanks by Sarah-MS
Lavender wrote:

“Most amazing products, quick shipping and great customer service. They are so smooth and smell so great, even my tough guy roommate cant stop using my floral soaps.”
Lavender Jasmine Soap
Jasmine Lilac Soap
Jasmine Grandiflorum