People Who Have Tried Our Handmade Soaps For The First Time Have Discovered How Different it is From Commercial Store Bought Soap .

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Santa Lucia Murari Borba was a farmer's daughter from Murari's Borba, born in Italy 1904, who pioneered the natural handcrafted soap industry with essential oils in Brazil

Davis bonedoc wrote:

"Items arrived as promised, no problems." Davis bonedoc, May 13, 2013
Sean wrote:

"5 stars" Sean E., May 13, 2013
Jane E. wrote:

Oh my goodness, I want to take a shower everyday all day long. The scent of Patchouli is wafting throughout my house. I can barely wait to use the other bars.
Thank you for making such a wonderful product. I am so glad I found you on the internet. Jane E. Medical Surgical MAY 9th 2013

Austin , May 7, 2013 wrote:

"Looks good, got them for my mom, see how it goes"
Organic Five Piece Handmade Soap Gift Basket

Gina wrote:

Great bar of soap. leaves skin nice and soft." Gina, May 6, 2013
akirkelie wrote:

"Great shipping, packaged well, will use again" akirkelie, May 6, 2013
Christine wrote:

"Promptly shipped and well packed." Christine , April 17, 2013

"I GOT IT 5 DAYS EARLY! " ROCKER CHICK, April 10, 2013
Happy Monday, everyone! By Ladywithalove wrote:

My fiance had very dry and itchy winter skin and not only were the ingredients beneficial in helping with the dryness but the smell was divinely soothing. It quickly became one of his favorite soaps. I have sensitive skin and had no problems using the soap, plus the ingredients are known to not only be safe for sensitive skin but to help relieve skin that is currently irritated by outside factors (i.e. beer helps with softening, oatmeal with calming, and shea with moisturizing and calming, etc.). The soap can be mildly exfoliating as there are oatmeal pieces and flecks within it, which both myself and fiance found to be lovely (it added more of a texture sensation than any noticeable exfoliation in my opinion). It's also a decent sized chunk which is nice. I would definitely recommend giving it a go. April 19th 2013 By Ladywithalove
Oatmeal - Stout
Melinda C wrote:

"This was a reorder. My soaps were received as expected. Thank you Natural Handcrafted Soap!" Melinda C., April 4, 2013
Razael wrote:

"Item was as described and shipping was great! " Razael, April 1, 2013
Alfredo - Coffee -- Soap wrote:

I will use this company again, thanks!" Alfredo, March 22, 2013
Brazilian Coffee Scrub Soap
jazzgamegirl wrote:

"Smells good."
French Jasmine Soap jazzgamegirl, March 18, 2013

KNG, wrote:

"Terrific product and quickly dispatched!" KNG, March 16, 2013
French Jasmine Soap
Lavender Jasmine Soap
Jasmine Lilac Soap

Rick S wrote:

"Easily found an item I couldn't in the store. Thank you for your quick shipping. "

Castile Palm Olive
Coffee Luxury Scrub Soap

Colleen E wrote:

Excellent buying experience!" Colleen E., March 14, 2013
South Africa Grapefruit
Oatmeal - Mango Butter Soap
Twelve Piece Soap Gift
Very helpful soap - Doug - wrote:

This soap helped me a lot and i was very pleased with this item this helped me clean up my body when taking a shower.
Buttermilk - Mango Butter

March 11, 2013 By Doug Handcrafted Buttermilk with Honey and Mango Butter Soap

kristie wrote:

"I love it!" kristie barker, March 8, 2013
DebDeb wrote:

"Thank you so much. This is what I have ordered"
Geranium Rose Soap
DebDeb, March 5, 2013

"I like my products. --Yves n. wrote:

"I like my products. I am very satisfied and would recommend them to others who like natural and good quality soap. thanks!" Yves n., March 4, 2013
Sea Kelp / Moss with Chamomile Herb
Oatmeal -Shea Butter Soap

NORIS wrote:

"great company , excellent service, thanks you." NORIS V., March 1, 2013
Sidney R. wrote:

"5 stars no problems" Sidney R., February 10, 2013

Goat's Milk Soap
Brazilian Coffee Scrub Soap
Brazilian Espresso Coffee Scrub
French Cafe au Lait

By J. Carroll wrote:

Lived up to its own hype! I've tried other NHS soaps (Lemongrass,Morrocan Grapefruit and Red clay)and I love citrus so I expected to like one of the two the most but this Brazilian Expresso Coffee Butter-Vanilla is my favorite out of all of them! It has a strong,aromatic coffee-vanilla scent. The bar is big so I cut it in half and the inside is cream colored(guessing that's the vanilla). It feels very luxurious, buttery and smooth. Since it's natural it takes some working it into the wash cloth or loofa to get a lather. It also comes off brown but leaves no residue on the skin or in the tub. I felt it was kind of pricey(mainly due to the shipping cost) but it's spa quality for way less than what you would pay at the spa. The only thing is that I wish it had some nut shells or some type of exfoliant texture to it but I use a Japanese washcloth with it anyway. This will leave you soft, clean and the coffee naturally neutralizes body bacteria and odors. Enjoy!
South Africa Grapefruit
Vincent A Evans wrote:

"Delivered quickly and as advertised." Vincent A Evans, February 4, 2013
Fast shipping--Cathy, wrote:

"I appreciate the fast shipping. Thank you." Cathy, February 6, 2013
Hawaiian Kona Coffee
Alyssa C. wrote:

"I was pleased with the whole experience. It's a great soap!" Alyssa C., January 30, 2013
Diane S wrote:

"Very fast shipping and nice packaging. I've purchased from this store in the past and I was never disappointed." Diane S., January 5, 2013
Ben wrote:

"Recieved item quickly. Seller fixed an issue on my end promptly. " Ben, January 12, 2013
This is a really lovely soap, it cleans well and leaves the skin tightened and invigorated. wrote:

I have used several different products from Natural Handcrafted Soaps. I like them all but particularly this one. It has a lovely scent that makes bathing a pleasure. The soap lathers and cleans incredibly well. It leaves my skin squeeky clean. Yet what I like most of all is that it seems to tighten and firm the skin. On their web site it is recommended to help reduce cellulite. I have been using this soap for several weeks and I can see a great improvement in the texture and firmness of my skin. These soaps last for a long time and thus are a good value for the price. Florida Citrus Sunshine Thanks - Jill
KW-Ohio wrote:

This is the most amazing soap I have ever tried! I did not know my skin was in such bad shape until I tried the Castle Olive Oil Soap. Immediately my skin started to respond to your natural ingredients. I live in Ohio and in the winter I use several layers of lotion on my skin for protection. I showered in your soap (face/body) and noticed no film on my skin after the shower. My face told the real story. I usually will see dry spots on certain areas of my face which I did not notice when cleansing with your soap. You have spoiled me now. Thanks so much. KW-Ohio 1-6-12
Castile Olive Cococnut
Castile Palm Olive
Stacey, wrote:

"great" Stacey, December 30, 2012
Sordid Lady, wrote:

"will re-order - love it!!!!!!!!!!!!" Sordid Lady, December 30, 2012
David M., wrote:

"Even though the company ran out of the size I order, it was replaced with two smaller items plus a little extra. I was definitely satisfied!" David M., December 27, 2012
Mark S wrote:

: "Fast delivery, good service. Haven't tried the soap yet but it smells Devine! Looking forward to further transactions with this company." Mark S., December 25, 2012
Cindy wrote:

"arrived sooner than expected. Awesome" Cindy J., December 22, 2012
Coffee Luxury Scrub Soap
Golden Blossom Honey

Leialoha E wrote:

"Super fast delivery! Very pleased with my purchase! Thanks! " Leialoha E., December 22, 2012
Ashleigh wrote:

Shipping much faster than expected, excellent product as described" Ashleigh , December 19, 2012
bear, wrote:

"very good ^__^" bear, December 19, 2012
Vrogal wrote:

"Received very timely. GOod pckaging. It's a gift, so not opened yet." Vrogal , December 18, 2012
Linda wrote:

"nice" Linda T., December 19, 2012

Sandra S. Lane ( Amazing Soap ) wrote:

"This soap is amazing ! Wonderfully soothing for (sensitive skin), as well as for occasional splotchy rashes. My DIL adores it ! So happy that I am able to buy it for her true the website !" Sandra S. Lane, December 15, 2012
Robert wrote:

"Item was purchased as a Christmas gift. Packaging was great and it arrived super-fast considering the season of the year." Robert C. Harr, December 14, 2012
Twelve Piece Soap Gift
Vilma wrote:

"excellent" Vilma , December 13, 2012
Maya Lucas wrote:

"Item as described. Fast shipping." Maya Lucas, December 11, 2012
Alfredo wrote:

"I now regularly order from this company. Thanks -Alfredo" Alfredo, December 7, 2012
Alfredo wrote:

"I won't hesitate to order from this seller in the future. Thanks -Alfredo" Alfredo, December 7, 2012
nikki wrote:

"just what i was hoping for, smells great & nice lather" nikki , December 6, 2012
Joel wrote:

"shipped quickly and packed well." Joel R., December 3, 2012
Elizabeth D wrote:

Wonderful vendor, great product at the best price! Would definitely use this company again." Elizabeth D., November 30, 2012
Happy wrote:

"Ultra fast shipping & cute packaging. Elegant ocean scent w/o the pungent perfumes, natural indeed. These soaps will be making their way into a few stockings this X-Mas for sure" Happy, November 20, 2012
Sea Kelp / Moss with Chamomile Herb
Sea Moss with Sea Kelp Soap
Vincent A Evans, wrote:

"Repeat customer for this product. Perfect as usual." Vincent A Evans, November 12, 2012
bear, wrote:

"item was really good I will buy from this company again " bear, November 8, 2012


Suggested Goat's Milk Soaps

Goat's Milk Soap
Goat and Coconut Milk
Golden Blossom Honey
mariaorfan wrote:

I can't believe I placed my order late Friday and it arrived early Monday.
Thank you so much. Nov 6th

Endi Eespere wrote:

"EXCELLENT" Endi Eespere, October 29, 2012
Margaret A. Krause wrote:

Goat's Milk Soap
By Margaret A. Krause wrote:

This soap is marvelous, I have allergies and break out from most soaps but not this one. WILL CERTAINLY BUY MORE, THEY ARE MASTERS OF THEIR CRAFT.
tracye wrote:

"great service!" tracye, October 21, 2012
Nick A. wrote:

"Great service, quick shipping, item as expected, very pleased - will buy again when needed." Nick A., October 22, 2012
beckyd, wrote:

"Can't wait to use this, it --smells great when opened." beckyd, October 15, 2012
French Jasmine Soap
Lavender Jasmine Soap

Sheela, wrote:

"Once again, very speedy delivery & everything in order as advertised. I still have the first bar & it's pretty much been 4 weeks of using it on my face, hair & body. I can now shampoo my hair 2 times weekly without it falling out. These 2 bars will last me until about the new year. I will try to goat milk bars next." Sheela, October 9, 2012
Mark wrote:

"Item as described, super fast shipping. Recommended! A+++" Mark Twain, October 9, 2012
Elizabeth U wrote:

"Very happy with the soap. Wish I had ordered more than one bar. Received promptly." Elizabeth U., October 11, 2012
Frances wrote:

"Such a lovely sweet scent. Thank you..." Frances R., October 8, 2012
Phyllis wrote:

"excellent product delivered quickly." Phyllis C., October 5, 2012
Paul wrote:

"Good so far, but not the miracle cure as some might have indicated. It's also a large bar and oddly shaped (so much so that I'm considering a little surgery to cut it down a bit). " Paul O., October 5, 2012
Arwanna wrote:

"Excellent. Great product, great delivery." Arwanna Rogers, September 30, 2012
Zach wrote:

"Excellent Soap!" Zach S., October 1, 2012
Sheela wrote:

"Very speedy delivery. The soap smells great, lathers great & feels good on my skin. It doesn't feel like it dried my skin out. I bought this to use on my total body, hair included, so the $16. price tag is not too high. " Sheela, September 16, 2012
mcdemax12 wrote:

"Wonderful Soap packaged watertight with quick arrival" mcdemax12, September 16, 2012
Diane R wrote:

"Have purchased item from this company before. Excellent product and excellent service!" Diane R., September 14, 2012
Jasmine wrote:

"Great soap! Good for shaving legs! " jasmine , September 8, 2012
Kathy k., wrote:

"Great product." Kathy k., September 2, 2012
Jennilea wrote:

"Will be buying from them again, I love this product!!" Jennilea G., August 31, 2012
Josh wrote:

Excellent soap! Will reorder. It lasted a LONG time, so it justified the price." Josh Streeter, August 30, 2012
John wrote:

"excellent unique product. made a great gift" john l., August 31, 2012
Nancy-- Highly recommend the Goats Milk Soap wrote:

"Thank you for your quick shipment! The soaps are great. Highly recommend the Goats Milk soap to anyone. The soap is rich and creamy. Skin feels soft and clean. " Nancy , August 27, 2012
Goat's Milk Soap
Shirly wrote:

"I am happy with the product and timely arrival." shirley d., August 27, 2012
Thomas J. wrote:

"Great product Twelve Piece Gentleman's Soap Gift Set and shipped right on time." Thomas J., August 24, 2012
Joyce, wrote:

"Arrived very quickly." Joyce, August 20, 2012

myles j wrote:

"This is the second time I purchased these soaps ,I like them very much." myles j., August 18, 2012
Jay wrote:

"Oh man where do I start you want to eat it when unpacked. When unpacked you do eat it! Absolutely delicious in smell." Jay, August 14, 2012
Kerie wrote:

"shipped same day I ordered it." Kerie Leisch, August 14, 2012
Gordan B. wrote:

"excellent service! thank you." Gordan B., August 13, 2012
Sherri Clark Kendrick wrote:

Just ordered Brazilian Coffee Soap and 5 others from your company , I'm so very exited to get them! its like Christmas!

Brazilian Coffee Scrub Soap

HelloQueenie wrote:

"The owner was so nice. Since I ordered more soaps he gave me one free soap as a gift without me asking for it! This company is great!!" HelloQueenie, August 11, 2012
HelloQueenie wrote:

"Fast delivery, excellent service! " HelloQueenie, August 11, 2012
Sassycat wrote:

"mmmmmmm great stuff" Sassycat, August 10, 2012
Renee wrote:

"Awesome jasmine soap. Product arrived on time as promised." Renee D., July 31, 2012
Dogman wrote:

"Quick shipment" dogmom, August 4, 2012
Patricia g wrote:

"The product came on time and i am very pleased with it."
Renee D., July 31, 2012 wrote:

"Awesome jasmine soap. Product arrived on time as promised."
Melody Wu - Facebook wrote:

Every time I look at your soap, I feel like I should eat them??
Brian wrote:

"i've got the bar of soap just as described in the context of the discription and came promptly thanx." Brian B., July 15, 2012
Jeff wrote:

"Amazing soap and super fast shipping." Jeff B., July 16, 2012
John wrote:

"delivered very quickly" john s., July 12, 2012
Grace wrote:

"Company with integrity, offering only the finest products. I gave this as a gift, and the recipient was SUPER psyched (very happy)." Grace, July 9, 2012
Eric wrote:

Item arrived on schedule, item was as described by the company. My fiancee' has sensitive skin, this soap was exactly what she needed. LOL, she washed her face with the Oatmeal and shae butter soap...then showered with the Lavender and Jasmine. I would definitely purchase from this company again, five (5) stars. Eric C., July 7, 2012
Suzette wrote:

"Lovely hand made soaps. Arrived on time and smell wonderful." Suzette C., July 2, 2012
Diane wrote:

"I am very pleased." Diane R., July 3, 2012

RW wrote:

"Thank you" RW, June 24, 2012
Elizabeth wrote:

Thank you for your quick deliveries! The soaps smell so good and are gentle to our skin. My son has very sensitive skin and the goat's milk one seems particularly nice for him.
I will get my mom to write one about the wedding gift. They loved what you fixed up for them and the couple thought it was such a nice and unique gift.

Have a great day! JULY 4, 2012

Lori B wrote:

Nice soap, as described. Very nice." Lori B., June 14, 201
Eleanor wrote:

"Soap arrived quickly. Smells great...can hardly wait to try it. Highly recommend company!" Eleanor M. Lisker, June 14, 2012
Debbie, June 8, 2012 wrote:

"Quick shipping and excellent product. Love the soap."
Luke wrote:

"Great service!" Luke S., June 4, 2012
Janica wrote:

"Excellent! Love the soap!" janica b., June 8, 2012
Heather wrote:

"A little pricey compared to similar items from other sellers, but the soaps smell great and the bars are large. I love that the scent is imprinted on the soap." Heather, June 5, 2012
Deana L., wrote:

"These soaps are so wonderful, natural, and delivered quickly!" Friday, June 1
Deana L wrote:

"These soaps are so wonderful, natural, and delivered quickly!" Deana L., May 31, 2012
ELISA wrote:

"Very fast delivery! Soaps smell great!" ELISA M., May 29, 2012
Elvi S., May 25, 2012 wrote:

I would order from Natural Handcrafted Soap again."
Fatima , May 14, 2012 wrote:

"Hello, Excellent. Thank you."
Anice M., May 15, 2012 wrote:

"Very happy with this soap. " Today, I add you on my Facebook ,twitter and pinterest.
Elizabeth H., May 13, 2012 wrote:

*Great soap!"
Manda, May 9, 2012 wrote:

"Item exactly as described. Very fast shipping. A+++"
jlw, May 11, 2012 wrote:

ILH, May 7, 2012 wrote:

"This if my 3rd Natural Handcrafted Soap. I really love the different varieties. I use them both for face and body and my skin can tend to be very sensitive, esp. my face. The soap has actually aided in clearing up dark spots and no breakouts! Thanks!"
Aurea b., wrote:

"Soft and creamy non grassy soap!!!
AnMorse wrote:

"The item arrived earlier than expected, and the quality was great! Item just as described. Would recommend, and would use this seller again."

Lisa Harvey wrote:

'Great product will order again!"
Nadia , April 25, 2012 wrote:

"These days you just cant believe advertisement.The advertised product never live up to the hype. Every blue moon you find something that works as promise. This just happen to be one. This soap is great it deep cleans, moisturizes, and repairs the skin. It is worth the price considering, this soap is the only product you need for clean healthily looking skin. Actually It saves you money, and time
James R. Laughlin, April 8, 2012 wrote:

"Product arrived on time." Lovely "item as described"
Hank o. wrote:

"shipping so fast"
Doug , April 11, 2012 wrote:

"I just tried this item while took my shower and it works great I like, i would buy more of this soap i like this stuff"
kim k. fox, April 6, 2012 wrote:

SamIAm, April 3, 2012 wrote:

"Beautifully packaged. Very nice, thank you"
Richard D wrote:

"Now, how often do you get to communicate directly with the manufacturer of the things you buy? Like, NEVER! Not in this case. The manufacturer, Nick and his partner hand make this soap and he is not just satisfied in any old recipe, he relies on his partner's grandmothers handed down original recipes. I am impressed with the product and the customer service. I will be using these soaps a lot!"
Andre C., March 22, 2012 wrote:

"Prompt shipping! Great product!"
Silicon Valley Guy, March 17, 2012 wrote:

Shipped fast and the product is great!"
Deana L., March 16, 2012 wrote:

"I have such sensitive skin and many allergies. I'm very pleased with the gentleness of these beautiful and natural soaps. "
Jonathan S., March 13, 2012 wrote:

autumnlyric, wrote:

Skin softening and clean ingredients. Beautiful soaps."
Customer Reviews Egyptian Geranium with French Rose Clay- Cocoa Butter and Crushed Flowers Soap

Martispeak wrote:

"3rd time buying love it"
Jingyun Chen wrote:

Great product It is a great product. I have used it for 3 months. So far so good. I tried a lot of different facial cleaners before, they all made my skin very dry, especially in winter time. after using this product for washing my face twice a day, I don't feel any uncomfortable, it is so moist and make my skin tender and clean.
Customer Reviews Buttermilk & Goat Milk with Oatmeal and Honey (Handmade Soap)

Jean B. Occhialini "jocchialini" wrote:

Gosh, it's just so good. It smells amazing and its so lovely I'm hesitant to use it. The texture is out of this world and you feel like you're getting something better than a processed scented soap. After reading the ingredients- wow. Heavenly!
Customer Reviews Sea Kelp / Moss with Chamomile Herb and Cocoa Butter Soap

Kelly D Boston,MA wrote:

Hi! I just recently discovered your company and products,. I ordered a bar of your Oatmeal & Stout Soap(made with Guinness)to try it. I was really happy with my purchase the second I opened it, and subsequently used it. The soap smells really nice, not overpowering. In fact, it smelled good enough to want to eat it! Thank you for making such a good product!
Kelly D Boston,MA

Customer Reviews Oatmeal and Stout Soap Bar with Shea Butter Made with Guinness Extra Stout

Eileen G wrote:

"Everything was as described, especially the soap!"
dercikd, wrote:

Excellent seller, Fast shipping, A+!!!!"
lafuzz, February 28, 2012 wrote:

"Second time I ordered from this seller. Products received very quickly and packaged very well."

Tarrance f. wrote:

"Everything was great and as advertised"
Lisa S. wrote:

My item arrived on time, and packaged securely. Having never purchased it before, it is exactly as it was described so I am very happy with my purchase
JK wrote:

Service was very quick. Item sent as a birthday gift and receipt was very pleased!"
Customer Reviews Twelve Piece Gentleman's Soap Gift Set

B-Mon30 wrote:

Dead Sea Mud Soap May or may not help acne but sure feels great on skin!, I was hoping this product would help clear up my acne, but after about 2 wks., it doesn't look like it's doing anything to help w/ that. It may be that I have hormonal acne that just won't be helped with soap... who knows.
However, I will say this... this soap feels WONDERFUL to wash your face with. You really feel quite moisturized after. I'm not a fan of black licorice, but there is something clean and natural to this soap's licorice sent.

Also, the bar is huge... you get great bang for your buck. I would highly recommend this soap; just not so sure about the anti-acne claims.

Reviewer = 30 years old; suffering from adult/hormonal? acne for 2 years.

Customer Reviews Dead Sea Mud with Cocoa Butter Excellent (Face and Body Soap) Licorice Scented

lafuzz wrote:

Great Dead Sea Mud Soap I bought this soap for my daughter because I read it helps acne, which she has on her chest.
In only a week, I already see a difference in her skin. I decided to try it myself and I absolutely love the way this soap makes my 40+ skin feel.

I use it on my face and my body. I've recommended to several people already. you must try this for yourself!

Customer Reviews Dead Sea Mud with Cocoa Butter Excellent (Face and Body Soap) Licorice Scented

C. Cindy Johnson (CA/FL) wrote:

Dead Sea Mud It works,
I bought this soap to help with dark spots on my face. Within the first week of using this soap I noticed old acne marks fading.

They're not completely gone, still I've noticed a improvement. I've been using it for about a month and any acne I had is controlled.

I didn't have a major problem with acne. Just now and then a couple would come up and and leave dark spots. The dark spots were more of a problem to me. I have olive complexion, oily skin, and I'm in my 30's.

In my teens I didn't have problems with acne. So it became frustrating to have them in my 30's. I also used it on a dark spot on my foot that I got from a bug bite months ago.

The bug bite swelling went away but the dark spot remained. After using this Dead Sea soap it started to fade too.

One thing I didn't expect was that the soap doesn't lather very much. It doesn't lather in the way I'm use to with other soaps. I've reordered it and I'm happy with it.

Customer Reviews Dead Sea Mud with Cocoa Butter Excellent (Face and Body Soap) Licorice Scented

Judi A. wrote:

I just wanted you to know how much I love this product. I have my daughters using it now also. THEY love it. Thank you for this magnificent soap. It has helped my one daughter who has celiac with her skin issues. :) :) Judi
Martha B., February 5, 2012 wrote:

I received my soap in a short amount of time and in perfect condition. Thank you!"
Jane T., January 30, 2012 wrote:

"The soap arrived earlier than expected, and I love the quality of it. The lavender scent is fabulous!"
celeste, January 25, 2012 wrote:

"Purchased as a gift for a ---Guinness lover. Recipient was pleased. Novel gift idea!"
Oatmeal - Stout
Melony , January 26, 2012 wrote:

Delivery was very prompt. The soap was great."
Kammyj, January 23, 2012 wrote:

"The soap was great!"
Anne D., January 21, 2012 wrote:

"The soaps arrived in perfect condition, well packed, on time and are lovely."
Harold T., January 22, 2012 wrote:

"Everything arrived on time and came as described. I recommend and will use this seller again.
reycs1213, January 18, 2012 wrote:

"The fastest shipping ever. Very satisfied with the product. Will purchase again in the future. Thanks!"
Kathy M., January 14, 2012 wrote:

"Quick delivery of my item!"
Sherry, January 16, 2012 wrote:

"no problems with sale. item exactly as described."
CHERYL G., January 13, 2012 wrote:

"Great soap! Thanks"
E. B., January 13, 2012 wrote:

" My wife had nothing but the best to say."
Sarah D., January 8, 2012 wrote:

"Everything was great. Highly recommend. "
Darlene D., January 7, 2012 wrote:

Delivery was very quixk and packaged safely.
Cathryn W. wrote:

"Perfect"January 2, 2012
Skylar R. wrote:

"great-smelling soap arrived on time" January 4, 2012
CARMELLA P., wrote:

"fast delivery" January 1, 2012
the tokku wrote:

"Product is of good quality - a bit easier to use the the Marselles soaps in a block but for quality and price a good match" December 31, 2011
Consumer Mom, wrote:

Arrived on time. Great product." December 31, 2011
DragonGirl28 wrote:

"The soaps arrived earlier than expected. They were a gift and my mom is thrilled with them. Would recommend!" December 29, 2011
Mitchell B wrote:

"Fast shipping and accurate item(s). Thanks!" Mitchell B., December 23, 2011
Kimberly R wrote:

"I received this item in a timely fashion and it was just as promised. Thank you!!!" Kimberly R., December 24, 2011
Martha B wrote:

"I love these soaps! Each one is unique, pretty and earthy. " Martha B., December 18, 2011
Martha B wrote:

"I love these soaps!" Martha B., December 18, 2011
Pamela F wrote:

These soaps are lovely! They look lovely, they smell lovely, and they leave your skin feeling lovely!" Pamela F., December 17, 201
Maria wrote:

I haven't actually used the soaps. They look and smell so neat that I have them for decor in my bathroom instead." Maria C., November 28, 2011
Joy, wrote:

Great product, and fast shipping!!" Joy, November 18, 2011
Leslie wrote:

"Item was arrived quickly, packed securely and as described. I would buy from this company again." Leslie K. Surrey, November 9, 2011
Hubert, wrote:

"AWESOME!" Hubert, November 10, 2011
mary E. wrote:

"This soap is just wonderful; leaves my skin so silky and clean. The company went out of their way to accommodate my request and the item proved more than I expected. Thanks again, Amazon" mary E., November 6, 2011
Jill W. wrote:

"These will be stocking stuffers for Christmas. The price is right and I'm excited to see how the receivers like using them." Jill W., November 5, 2011
Dorothy H. wrote:

"Beautiful soaps. Smell wonderful!" Dorothy H., November 5, 2011
Janice C. wrote:

"A very nice person. Willing to assist your needs and complaints if you have any regarding his products. He told me he makes his own products. This is a beautiful soap and it has a beautiful fragrance. If you have not tried his products you should give it a try." Janice C., November 3, 2011
Ashley S wrote:

"Love this soap!!!! not drying at all like other natural soaps. I will def buy again!!!" Ashley S., October 20, 2011
combasix_inc, wrote:

"Called and asked if the product would be delivered on time for the occasion. The customer service (owner?) answered and assured me as soon as he got the order he'd ship and my wife would get the gift on time. That's what happened in the end. The service is great!" combasix_inc, October 23, 2011
GAB wrote:

"Just as advertised." GAB, October 12, 2011
Brandee S wrote:

item as described, smelled wonderful, and lightening fast delivery. . .arrived way earlier than projected for standard shipping. . . thanks " Brandee S., October 17, 2011
Osvaldo G wrote:

"Fast and Simple" Osvaldo G., October 7, 2011
Jason M wrote:

Item shipped promptly and overall a smooth transaction!" Jason M Grochowsky, October 10, 201
Mi wrote:

"It leaves my skin sooth and not dry after using the soap. Fast shipping and good item! Thanks!" Date: October 1, 2011 Buyer: Mi
Theo wrote:

great experience" Date: September 29, 2011 Buyer: Theo
MOMO wrote:

"If anything, product was better wrapped and presented than described. Would definitely use this company again." Date: September 22, 2011 Buyer: MOMO
Kirsten T. wrote:

"all was perfect." Date: September 15, 2011 Buyer: Kirsten T.
KLS wrote:

"Quick delivery. Thanks!" Date: September 15, 2011 Buyer: KLS
claudette wrote:

"a++" Date: September 9, 2011 Buyer: claudette
K wrote:

"Arrived on time and well packaged, thank you!" Date: September 9, 2011 Buyer: K
Cheryl wrote:

"great." Date: September 4, 2011 Buyer: Cheryl K.
Nancy Presnell wrote:

"You cannot imagine how wonderful this soap is. It leaves the skin soooo soft and well cleansed. Rinses of completely. I see it may not return; I hope it's not true." Date: September 9, 2011 Buyer: Nancy Presnell

Sheri wrote:

"The texture and smell of this soap is amazing. I opened up the envelope it came it and was just immediately impressed. The feel of the soap and how it left my skin was wonderful. I would buy this product again." Date: August 28, 2011 Buyer: Sheri
Hilda wrote:

I love, love, love this soap. Item arrived promptly, two thumbs up" Date: August 25, 2011 Buyer: Hilda Mills
JEFFREY wrote:

"Fantastic ! Great Company !" Date: August 22, 2011 Buyer: JEFFREY VAITKUS
Jamee G. wrote:

"This bar of soap was in great condition. It was everything I expected it to be. The bar lasted a long time and I was very pleased." Date: August 18, 2011 Buyer: Jamee G.