What Is Beneath Your Soap? Avoid These Three Toxic Ingredients

What Is Beneath Your Soap? Avoid These Three Toxic Ingredients

A lot of the cleaning supplies we use, such as body washes, face cleansers, and soaps, may be more harmful than beneficial.


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A major method by which your body obtains nutrients, aside from food consumption, is transdermally, or through the skin.

At 22 square feet on average, your skin is your largest organ, and 60 percent of the chemicals you apply to it end up in your bloodstream. We may absorb vitamins and minerals through this semipermeable barrier, but regrettably, it also absorbs dangerous compounds that we apply to it.

Common soaps contain serious chemicals. They can cause hormone imbalances, trigger allergies, cause problems with reproduction, and raise the risk of several malignancies. Given these severe adverse effects, we must exercise caution while applying cosmetics to our skin.

When purchasing soap, I look out for the following three chemicals—and you should, too:

Parabens. Because these substances are estrogen mimickers, the body confuses them for estrogen when they are applied topically and enter the bloodstream. Because these hormone disruptors cause the body to believe that the bloodstream contains an abnormally high amount of estrogen, the body reacts in several ways, including causing early puberty, increasing fat deposits, decreasing muscle mass, and inciting problems with reproduction in both men and women.

Sulfates. These ingredients give the soap its lather and bubbles. Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) are two examples of common sulfates. Sulfates promote surface penetration and deprive the skin of its natural oils. Additionally, they irritate those who have eczema or sensitive skin.

Triclosan. Antibacterial soap is where this ingredient is most frequently found. According to recent research, triclosan encourages the growth and appearance of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotic cleansers. Moreover, it produces dioxin, a carcinogen that has been detected in human breast milk at high concentrations.

Dioxins adversely impact thyroid function and cause disturbances to the endocrine system. Fun fact: the main harmful ingredient in Agent Orange is dioxin! Think about it. If we are washing our bodies with soap that contains harmful ingredients every single day, this adds up over a lifetime to wreak on our health.

Improve your overall health by choosing high-quality soap FREE of these three hormone-disrupting toxic additives. Make the switch and both your skin and your body will be thanking you. Try this for life GRANDMA’S NATURAL HANDCRAFTED SOAP.

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