Natural Soap Made With Brazilian Ingredients

19 Good Natural Soap Made with Brazilian Ingredients

Natural handcrafted soap cold process luxury handmade with Brazilian ingredients – Butter – clays – herbs – leaves – coconut milk -coffee and more..

During the Coronavirus Disease 19 (COVID-19) pandemic, keeping hands clean .

  1. Brazil – African Natural ingredients Soap Made with African Grapefruit – Brazilian Red Clay and Brazilian Mango Butter ..Get clean daily the natural way with citrus handmade soap …South Africa Grapefruit Artisan Soap with Moroccan and Brazilian Red Clay.

2. Handcrafted Brazilian Almond and Hazelnut Soap

Brazilian sweet almond oil -The collagen and elastin supply of the skin are depleted after prolonged exposure to free radicals.

. Soaps with Brazilian Ingredients – Brazil Almonds – Brazil Mango Butter – Brazil Clays , Brazil Coffee

3. Brazilian Rosehip Soap -Vegan Organic Olive Oil and Mediterranean Sea Salt

4. Natural Brazilian Coffee Scrub Soap with Cocoa Butter.. 7 .1 + Oz.


5. Rain Forest Copaiba MILLED SOAP With Tree Leaves Soap Bar


6. Almond Hazelnut Soap Natural Aged Bar with Cocoa – Almond and Acai Berry Butter


7. Brazilian Oil Bar Soap with Acai , Almond Butter, Macadamia Oil and Brazilian Clay – Handmade

8. Brazilian Coffee Soap Espresso Scrub Bar – Natural Artisan Handmade

9. Brazilian Copaiba Soap with Acai Berry Butter and Coconut Milk Soap– 10 . Artisan Handcrafted Handmade Soap 5 Decorative Bar Soap Gift Basket  Set include  Milk Soaps with Brazilian Coconut Milk  and Brazilian Cocoa Butter.

All Natural Soaps Gift Basket Five Piece Soap Set 100% All Natural – Natural Handmade

11. Gift set Include Brazilian Soaps Almond _Coffee- Rosehip and  Rainforest Copaiba Soap Aged Natural Tree Leaves – Great For Eczema and Psoriasis, and Heals Damaged Skin Natural Soap Gift Set Skin Care Benefits Bar Soaps – Handmade Natural Artisan  

12 Aged Soap African Grapefruit with Moroccan and Brazilian 



13. Citrus Soap Aged Florida Natural Bar Handmade



14.Lemongrass Soap Artisan Aged Limited Edition Large Bar — 12 oz

15. Oatmeal Soap with Shea Butter and Hazelnut -All Natural Handmade Bar

16. Organic Oatmeal Soap with BRAZILIAN Mango Butter



18 . Buttermilk Soap Honey and Mango Butter Soap -All Natural Handmade Soap, The combination of milk, honey ,and BRAZILIAN mango butter makes for a soft, soothing, moisturizing soap and for all skin type.

Buttermilk Soap Honey and Mango Butter Soap -All Natural Handmade Soap

19. Men’s Body and Face 12 Gift Soap | 7 oz. each bar | Best Exfoliating Bar for Men | Made with Natural Ingredients | Shave Soap | Amazing Scent ALSO WITH BRAZILIAN’s Clays and Butters.

Gift Gentleman’s Soap Gift Set – 12 Piece Artisan All Natural

More places to Buy: JUST ONLINE SHOP STORES  Handmade Soap / Brazilian Natural Oils Bar Soap with Acai Berry Butter And Brazil Nut Butter

Arizona – AZ 

10 stores California – CA 

2 stores Colorado – CO 

2 stores Connecticut – CT 

1 stores Delaware – DE 

7 stores Florida – FL 

1 stores Georgia – GA 

1 stores Illinois – IL 

2 stores Indiana – IN 

1 stores Iowa – IA 

1 stores Kansas – KS 

2 stores Maine – ME 

4 stores Maryland – MD 

2 stores Massachusetts – MA 

1 stores Mexico 

1 stores Michigan – MI 

2 stores Minnesota – MN 

2 stores Missouri – MO 

1 stores Nevada – NV 

1 stores New Hampshire – NH 

2 stores New Jersey – NJ 

4 stores New York – NY 

3 stores North Carolina – NC 

3 stores Ohio – OH 

1 stores Ontario – ON 

1 stores Oregon – OR 

7 stores Pennsylvania – PA 

4 stores South Carolina – SC 

1 stores Tennessee – TN 

5 stores Texas – TX 

1 stores Utah – UT 

1 stores Vermont – VT 

3 stores Virginia – VA 

1 stores Washington – WA 


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