Amazon Rainforest Brazilian Oils and Butter

"Amazon Rainforest Brazilian Oils and Butter"

Copaiba Oil Blsam Copaiba is a good anti-inflammatory oil.

The research on this oil shows that it has been found most beneficial in chronic mucous congestion, bronchitis, irritable conditions of the bladder, skin conditions and chronic diarrhea. I have personally seen it be effective for inflammation, fungal conditions and relieving pain.copaiba tree

In the Amazon, Balsam copaiba oil is used topically by the indigenous people for healing the skin, for all types of pain, and to cool inflammation. In Brazilian herbal folklore the oil is used as an expectorant for the respiratory tract, for bronchitis and allergies, and as a topical anti-inflammatory agent for all types of skin disorder.
Hailing from the southern Amazon basin , the buriti palm is an aesthetically pleasing tree. Elegant and known as the tree of life, the tree is used in local construction while its fruits are a favorite in culinary endeavors. The nuts concealed within the tree's fruit are used for multiple herbal remedies.

The buriti nut provides the richest known source of beta-carotene, a skin antioxidant. This makes the nut's strongly-scented essential oil valuable in buritiprotecting the skin against sun damage as well as harm from free radicals. The oil, which also contains vitamin E, can help encourage the growth of scar tissue, soothe skin pain, and treat small cuts and burns. It may be helpful in preventing skin cancer by absorbing ultraviolet rays, making it a natural sunblock.

Fatty acids found within the buriti nut are useful in skin care. These help prevent regenerative conditions from developing within the body. The oleic and palmitic acids, both found in the tree's nuts, moisturize dry or aging skin. These acids support collagen growth and protection with their emollient properties, resulting in increased skin elasticity.

Facial oils made from the nut can help minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, as well as soothe skin blotches and lubricate tissue. Its essential oil also provides deep nourishment for the skin itself. Lip balms and baby care products used to soothe diaper rash and other skin issues are also made from the mild oil.

Rain Forest local tribe
Buriti fruit is a good source of vitamin C. The fleshy yellow fruit is often used to sweeten beverages. It is also a common ingredient in ice cream, preserves, and other sweet foods. Also found throughout central Brazil, buriti trees can grow up to 110 feet (35 meters) in height. Scientifically called the Mauritia flexuosa, buriti amazon reainforest trees need constant humidity and large spaces for optimal growth. This makes watery areas like marshes and rivers a frequent habitat of the tree. The trees feature large, round leaves arranged in a crown pattern, and their yellow flowers bloom from December to April. Its shiny, chestnut-colored fruit grows from December to June.

Acai Berry
You may have started seeing acai berry extract in your cosmetics- this is also due to its antioxidant power, and its ability to slow the aging of the skin. Scientists acai have also discovered that the acai berry can prevent inflammation. Inflammation in the skin releases free radical compounds which can lead to aging such as wrinkles.
Andiroba Oil, high in analgesic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancerous properties is also rich in vitamin F, fatty acids linoleic, required for healthy cell membranes which reduce puffiness and swelling of the skin.

Used by Native Indian Tribes in the Rainforest to treat numerous skin challenges. Directly from the Amazon to guarantee maximum freshness and potency. Try our Rainforest Therapy personal care products that are infused with this precious rainforest oil.

Andiroba Oil, high in analgesic, anti-bacterial


Rich butter with light amber color and natural earthen aroma. Its rich oleic acid content promotes nutrition and moisture to skin and hair. An excellent choice for shampoos, conditioners, and highly moisturizing skin care products.

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