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Brazilian Coffee Espresso Soap Aged Large Bar 12 oz.

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Brazilian Espresso Scrub Coffee Soap 12 oz.

Limited Edition Coffee Soap Only 1 in Stock Large bar , This is a wonderful aged soap that can be used not only in the shower or bath, But makes a wonderful decorative soap, custom hand stamped. Mixed in with a rich scent of Brazilian espresso coffee , coffee butter and Brazilian almond oil


The coffee lover in me was certainly drawn to this particular soap . The aroma of freshly brewed coffee, not to mention the scent of vanilla, and hazelnut essential oil mixed in with a rich scent of Brazilian espresso coffee , coffee butter and the addition of Brazilian almond oil makes this soap not only alluring on your nose but great for your skin. Since ground coffee is a natural exfoliate and helps move away dead skin cells it makes this a great scrub soap. Packed with freshly ground Brazilian espresso coffee and cocoa butter ,it wont disappoint any coffee lover or anyone who can appreciate the aroma of a fresh brewed exotic coffee. Brazilian coffee grinds absorb garlic and onion smell off your fingers, A must in the kitchen and shower.



Organic Olive Oil ,Palm(sustainable)  Organic Coconut, Almond oils, Coffee butter, Ground Brazilian Espresso,  Hazelnut oils