Grandma's Natural Soaps come a long way since 1917

Floral Soaps to me, it’s a timeless scent. I find incredibly nostalgic as something about it reminds me of  bathing  in my old style grandmother’s blue and white bath as a child. (She was the kind of lady who liked to house her cotton balls and soaps in glass jars and used a silver pill boxes.)

Grandmas Soap to me, it’s a timeless scent

Grandma's Natural soaps use of plant and butter and are free of preservatives, you can use after months or years  for a better cream lather . They’re also made the old-fashioned way – using a ‘cold process’ – so, because nothing’s heated up or boiled, any beneficial natural ingredients used will retain their properties. Other plus points of a cold process? The bar’s are generally creamier-feeling and, because the soap is cured for six weeks is better for all sensitive skin type.

 old-fashioned way – using a ‘cold process’

My top favorite top SOAP are the real one GRANDMA'S LYE SOAP MADE FROM THE old -FASHIONED STYLE.

Grandmas lye soap
From our online shop we offer a variety of our artisan soaps made with natural ingredients - dried flowers and botanicals, herbal and clays plus continues the tradition of the Grandma's Natural Handcrafted Soap.
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