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Organic Sea Kelp Varech Soap With Cocoa Butter

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Organic Sea Kelp Varech Soap With Cocoa Butter Unscented Facial Soap 

Sea Kelp Varech Soap Does your skin seek help? We say, Sea Kelp!

Does your skin seek help? We say, Sea Kelp! Kelp is a wonderful, naturally produced product that has so many benefits due to the minerals and nutrients it contains. 


Kelp grows in the sea and is a type of marine algae, or seaweed which can grow up to 150 feet long. It can actually grow at a rate of 1 to 2 feet a day! When harvested just a few feet from the surface, it can fully grow back within just ten days. It is a green/brown color and quite unique in that it has no roots like plants and trees. It is not anchored to the sea floor via roots and does not absorb nutrients in the same way as plants. It grows through the process of photosynthesis .This natural source of goodness has an amazing impact in our bodies and doesn't receive nearly enough recognition or usage.

Organic sea kelp (a nutrient-packed species of seaweed) and green tea , detox and cleanse skin. It also makes for a wonderful mild natural exfoliant. Sea Kelp is rich in nutrients and, is an excellent stimulant and exfoliant.

Sea herbs have been known to heal, hydrate, detoxify and re-mineralize the skin. Their amino acids, and slippery texture, act as a conditioner to the skin as well. Sea kelp gently polishes the skin, while the unrefined cocoa butter moisturizes. 

Our organic Sea Kelp with olive, sustainable palm , coconut and avocado oil cleanses, detoxifies skin and deodorizes naturally . This soap is full of lather and left unscented which makes a great facial soap, as well as body.

If you didn't already know, the legendary Creme de la Mer was created by physicist Dr. Max Huber who had suffered burns in a lab accident. As his personal mission to cure his burn scars and transform his skin, Huber created one of the Creme's Sea Kelp Varech With Cocoa Butter Excellent Facial Unscented Soap

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil , Palm Oil (Sustainable), Organic Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Organic Sea Kelp, Green Tea, Sea Clay, Organic Unrefined Cocoa Butter.

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