The BENEFITS of Dead Sea Mud and Sea Salt

The Dead Dead Sea Mud  Products is one of the wonders of nature, deep down in the valley of the Jordan, on the Israel-Jordan border. It has been known for its treasure of beauty and health for always. It is an excellent alternative to chemical skin care that most used today and provides additional security to even the most sensitive skin. The mineral products from the Dead Sea salt and mud are derived are used in many cosmetics, to heal and to treat conditions that can not otherwise be treated.

Dead Sea Spa Mud Soaps

The sea has no life forms, but its mud and water in minerals, restoring health area. It is known for its high salt content, which is known from any other sea or lake. The positive effects of raw material properties and on human skin found, many therapeutic and cosmetic applications, which are recognized by people around the world since ancient times and today. Dead Sea Soap .


There are more than 50 modern cosmetic factories that today around the this wonderful sea. They finished skin care and cosmetic products, which are exported all over the world .Cosmetics are known for their magical powers minerals. Dead Sea Salt and Mud proven to be effective in the treatment of diseases such as eczema, rashes, rheumatism , muscle stiffness, psoriasis, arthritis, acne and pimples. It is used in numerous mud, said absorbent clay penetrates the pores of the skin, cleansing it forms thoroughly and remove any dirt, an obstacle to the process of eating. Stimulate the minerals out of the mud into the body by osmosis and hydrate the skin, creating. Restoring its vitality Its therapeutic benefits are well known and include the restoration of the damaged cells of the skin, relief of joint pain and stimulate blood circulation.


Hardware and peeling skin on the scalp, elbows and knees can be soft with this mud. It refreshes the skin to soft and supple form back. Swimming in the Dead Sea Spa, you can benefit your skin and health in many ways. Those suffering from a number of diseases for generations have tried this treatment and as almost always worked. The high salt and mineral content of the lake is responsible for all this magic action rejuvenation and regeneration of the skin and your health. There are many products that use these materials today.

The famous beauty Cleopatra Keen and dedicated to these beauty products, although many people are unaware of their beautifulness. The attractive cover-up of Cleopatra had been a rumor that they used all this magical combination of creams and lotions from the Dead Sea. 

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